Medea, the King's Daughter is Accused

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In the play Medea, accused of having killed her children. Her own husband blames her. It all started with the fact that Medea fled from her homeland and betrayed her family to help Jason, her future husband, steal Golden Flitch. But after a few years, she learns that her husband wants to marry the princess, the heiress of the Corinthian throne. In defense of Jason, we can say that he decided to do this for the sake of the children so that they were not outcasts and live a happy life. However, Medea, as an alone wife who lost everything, decided to take revenge on him. Some believe that she is innocent and she had no other choice since she lost everything. They believe that Jason lied about the future of the children, and he decided to marry for his own sake and by this they justify the actions of Medea. However, she killed the children and Jason's new wife. And by the rule of the law, Medea is guilty because, first, she herself confessed to Jason that she had done and told him that it was worth it to see him miserable. And secondly, all the evidence were against her since the princess’s skin burned immediately after she put on the dress gifted by Media. So, all the facts show that Medea is guilty of this crime.

For a start, we can confidently say that Medea admitted that it was she who killed her children and the princess. Given this fact, it can be stated that she is guilty of this crime. She even argues that it was worth it to see such a face of Jason (lines 1100). After these words, everything would be unequivocal, but we can take into account that she said it specifically just to annoy Jason. She wanted that Jason considered her a murderer and that he would be regret that he had thrown her and in fact everything seemed just to be like a coincide. However, there is evidence that Jason's new wife was poisoned from the dress Medea presented. She turned into a monster and her skin burned down and after her father saw her like that, he killed himself (lines 900). This is evidence against Medea, as she herself handed the dress to the princess knowing about the poison. This shows that Medea intentionally committed a crime and that she should be punished. She also has no right to say that all actions were committed for protection and she had no other choice than this crime because in life it happens that 2 people get married, and after a while they separate. And this is not a reason to take revenge and kill your own children for the pleasure of mocking husband. So, all of the above states that Medea is guilty of the crime committed.

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In addition, Media can be considered guilty of the fact that she set up society against Jason. She lied to people about Jason and the reason for his departure from the family. She told people that he was a narcissist and left for the sake of improving his own future and that he thinks only of himself (lines 650). However, it was all a lie and Jason left for the future of his children and tried to help the Media with everything he could. He even tried to negotiate with the father of Princess, Creon so that he would not expel Media from the city. Despite this, society went against him and this could lead to unpleasant incidents. Since some people could easily be influenced by the Media and commit a crime for her. In addition, conversations began about Jason and his actions throughout the city, there were rumors everywhere and all this polluted his dignity and his new family. And this could be considered as a violation of the law by the Media.

Lastly, it can be argued that Medea was aware of what she was doing and because of this she must be punished. Her head and brain were not clouded and she was in her mind. This can be seen from what she said herself that she knows what she is doing is bad (line 760). Besides, she could never decide and thought to the last that she should not kill her children. But revenge took up over her and she decided that this was the only way to make him feel the same pain of losing beloved people. This proves that she was in her mind. Another fact is that she was a very attractive and intelligent woman. Anger did not take it up because an evil person would not have been able to come up with such a tricky plan. In addition, an evil person would not have been able to pretend so well at the royal wedding. She would try immediately to kill Jason if she could not bear the pain and anger. Instead, she figured out how to make him sick and make him feel the same pain. This is a proof that Medea was conscious and aware of her actions, she was in her mind and was not under any influence except revenge, which gives her the right to be under the court and what makes her guilty.

As a defense of Medea, it can be said that there is no exact evidence against her. Except for Jason, no one heard how she confessed to the murder and there are no witnesses. It is possible that Jason just made it up to win in court and it was just speculation. So this is not evidence by which Medea was found guilty. However, in court, there will be more evidence like dress and poison. But, there is no direct evidence that the dress was given by Media. Yes, the dress was donated by her, but she did not convey it personally and perhaps while the dress was delivered someone else had committed this crime. Princess was the daughter of Creon and she had enough enemies who can do it. This can all be used as an excuse that Medea was simply framed and she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Someone just took advantage of the moment knowing that all suspicions would be on Medea and the fact that she is now the main problem of that family. All this can be used to defend Medea in court. As for awareness, one can say that she is psychologically ill and at the moment when Jason left her, she could not stand it and her illness took up above her. This was the reason for all that she did. And this way she will be able to avoid serious punishment.

As a conclusion on all existing facts, Medea is guilty and she deserves punishment. All evidence are pointing at her and even she herself stated that she did it and does not regret her actions. She said it to the face of Jason, and besides, she had previously told her plan to the community but not in detail. This is strong evidence against her. Moreover, she herself personally asked to take the dress as a gift from her and there were all facts that this dress was poisoned. This evidence was also against Medea and proved that she was guilty. In addition, she was aware of everything that she was doing; according to her own words, she knew what she was doing and that it was bad. This means that she was in her mind and that she was guilty of what happened. As a result, Medea is guilty of the crime committed.

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