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Theme Of Gender And Sexuality In The Plays Of Famous Playwrights

Though separated by thousands of years and thousands of miles, three famous playwrights have continued an everlasting conversation on the relationships between gender and distinctions in the social order. The Greek Euripides lived around 400 B.C.E. The German Hrotsvit lived around 950 C.E. The American...

Prominent Playwrights Throughout The History Of The Theatre

“All the World’s a Stage,” this popular line taken from the famous Shakespearian play- As You Like It - describes how theater has plagued our everyday life and is indeed an inseparable part of it. Theater: a dynamic, collaborative art form which is dependent on...

How Medea’s Character Remained Relevant Beyond its Time

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In the play ‘Medea’ written by Euripides in 431 BC, Medea is seen as having supernatural powers due to her outspoken and rebellious nature when it comes to the female norm of society. Due to this, some may challenge the validity of her ability to...

Medea, the King's Daughter is Accused

In the play Medea, accused of having killed her children. Her own husband blames her. It all started with the fact that Medea fled from her homeland and betrayed her family to help Jason, her future husband, steal Golden Flitch. But after a few years,...

Medea Occur Without Just Explanation

Many actions in Euripides’ Medea. The psychology behind these actions appear unpredictable, but still control key parts of the play. The play begins with a heartbroken Medea, angry and depressed because her husband, Jason, has left her for a new bride. However, the rage Medea...

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