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The Depiction of Trojan War in Homer's Iliad

11 September 2019 Homer’s Iliad is one of the best known texts of the ancient world. Composed in Greece around the 8th century BCE, it recounts the events of the Trojan War following Queen Helen’s flight from her home of Sparta with the Trojan Prince...

The Heroism of Achilles in the Iliad

Achilles is some who gained glory and potential in respecting fighting. ILiad isn’t something that can give out an amount of things in some facts and some places that a person are able to protagonists by its own behaviors and values. Achilles is someone who...

Homeric Similes in The Iliad

‘‘Achilleus the lion-hearted who breaks men in battle’’(192). As the strongest and most important character in the poem, Achilles’ return to the Trojan war towards the last books of Homer’s Iliad symbolizes the reappearance of his heroic greatness. Book 21 ends with Apollo distracting Achilles...

The Usage of Concept of Fate in Illiads

The Iliad is an epic poem studied by many in multiple areas of research. The epic holds many themes such as pride, morality, compassion, warfare, etc. However, one that contributes to them all is the role of fate. It is after much analyzing and rereading...

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