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The Heroic Status of Hector in Iliad and Troy

Greek Mythology is one of the most studied ancient literature in the world. The excellent work of Homer transformed ancient European literature by providing learners with exceptional myths and literature involving war, gods, heroes, and ancient beliefs. The war poem illustrates the various perception of...

The Depiction of Trojan War in Homer's Iliad

11 September 2019 Homer’s Iliad is one of the best known texts of the ancient world. Composed in Greece around the 8th century BCE, it recounts the events of the Trojan War following Queen Helen’s flight from her home of Sparta with the Trojan Prince...

The Historical Proof of the Existence of Troy

The Iliad is an ancient Greek poem by the poet Homer, in this poem he describes the conflicts between Achilles and his leader Agamemnon and between the Greeks and the Trojans, following the abduction of Agamemnon’s sister-in-law, Helen of Sparta (Helen of Troy), by the...

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