Essay Samples on Mythology

Portrayal of the Olympian God Hades in the Cinema

Of the Olympian Gods, Hades is the most loneliest. Pluto, a planet that was excluded from the eight other planets, was named after his Roman version! I think Hades would make an interesting character, because it would give a different perspective; while the other brothers…

The Historical Proof of the Existence of Troy

The Iliad is an ancient Greek poem by the poet Homer, in this poem he describes the conflicts between Achilles and his leader Agamemnon and between the Greeks and the Trojans, following the abduction of Agamemnon’s sister-in-law, Helen of Sparta (Helen of Troy), by the…

The Empowering Story of King David

David’s story starts with his emotional ascent in fortunes, from humble beginnings as a shepherd in his dad’s home to his rise as ruler over all Israel in his very own capital city, Jerusalem. Through everything, we see God favoring him, and over and over…

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