Essay Samples on Mythology

Achilles in Homer’s Poem Iliad Review

Homer’s Iliad is a poem that deals with various emotions and addresses the complexity of these said emotions. From lust filled desires that led to a war that waged on for 10 years to meddlesome gods that took control of the mortals, Iliad covers it...

Aphrodite and Greek Gods in the Mythology

Aphrodite is considered, by many, to be a major divinity. She used her powers as the goddess of love and beauty and would influence greek mythology through her decisions and the unique things about her. She also wasn’t afraid to use her powers which would...

Jason Is the “New Hero” In Hercules

Throughout the poem, Apollonius redefines what “heroism” means and compares Jason and Hercules to show that Jason is the “new hero.” Apollonius seems to be describing a new type of hero who is young, facially handsome, and sophisticated that is exemplified by Jason compared to...

Beowulf As A Legendary Hero 

A legendary hero can be defined as a character, more specifically a hero, who is the focus of myths and folklore. These heroes also exhibit traits such as having extreme strength, being well respected, chivalrous, loyal, and has the desire to protect those who need...

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