The Robbery and the Greek Gods in Greek Mythology

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This story is about greek god named Tristen and how it was for him back then and what god's people worship. The gods were a lot better than the humans and a lot more powerful and much more respected. The humans were fearful that the gods would destroy them in one move. Some humans are brave and have courage like Bellerophon and Baucis and Philme. Some of the gods were kind like Pegasus and Athena gave Bellerophon Pegasus to ride on and defeat the evil beast. But some of the gods had hatred towards the humans such as Jupiter and Hermes in the story the god Tristen liked the townspeople and Baucis and Philemon.

It means to be looked down upon by the gods. It means to be like slaves to the gods because if you don’t listen to them you’ll be punished but Tristen liked the people and did not treat them poorly. Humans are like puppets to the gods they give them instructions and the humans have to do it or else but Tristen gave them food and water while they were working and was very kind to them. The humans are fearful and have no courage they are afraid of the gods and Tristen tries to teach them that the gods are not people to be afraid of and to have courage.. Some humans have courage and are not afraid of the gods because Tristen teaches them how to not be afraid and to have courage for example Bellerophon rode Pegasus defeated an evil beast and flew straight up to the gods. So some humans have fear but only few have courage.
Some people are fearful and some have courage. The townspeople were fearful they were scared of the gods and what they would do. There were two people in the village that were not scared of the gods and there names were Boshis and Philme. In the kingdom of Lycia the people were scared of a beast that was terrorizing their land. Then a guy named Bellerophon defeated an evil beast and had the courage to ride pegasus. So Bellerophon and Boshis and Philme were the only people that had courage where they lived.

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The humans were foolish people like one girl said she was better than a god then Tristen came down to her and begged her to ask for forgiveness but she wouldn’t so the god came down to where the girl was dressed like an old lady and the god told her to ask for forgiveness to the god. Then the girl got mad and said no I will not and then they had a spinning contest the girl won but she knew she made a mistake after the contest even the the god was impressed but in all these events the god turned her into a spider. Then Bellerophon he had courage he rode Paugus and defeated an evil beast. Then he rode Paugus up to where the gods were because he thought he was one. Then Zeus shot him down to earth and Paugus got his own constellation but Bellerophon died alone but when he died Tristen brought him to his parents and they were sad. So people during this time were foolish including Tristen even though he was a god he was foolish and clumsy and so the gods treated him like a human because he was different.

To be a god is to rule over the humans, be stronger than the humans and tell the humans what to do. To be a god like Athena or Zeus you have to use your powers wisely. Sometimes the gods are rude like when jupiter shot down Bellerophon or when Zeus was making the townspeople fearful. Then you have Pluto or Hades the god of the underworld he captured Persephone and keeps watch of the dead. Persephone the queen of the underworld and she helps Hades to keep watch of the people that are in the underworld.

Zeus had hatred towards the humans but he liked some of them for example Boshis and Philme but Tristen loved all humans and tried to help Zeus love them to but Zeus never listened. Athena was jealous when a human beat her in a weaving contest and then she turned her into a spider Tristen tried to calm the god down but it was no hope. Paugus had courage he only let people with courage ride him for example Bellerophon. Orpheus loved a god named Eurydice but then she got bit by a venomous snake and then Orpheus had depression and Tristen tried to help him but he would not stop crying. Poseidon wanted Athens for himself so he could do whatever he wanted and he was arguing with Athena over the city for their own purposes Tristen tried to help them stop arguing but they didn’t even notice he was there. Throughout all these stories Tristen tries to help the gods and people sometimes he’s successful but a lot of the time he was not. He then realized it was hard being a god and the responsibilities that you had to have so he transformed into a real human.The end because I can’t think of more so I have one more story. And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent,' John 17:3. The only true God the Jehovah's Witnesses, among others, cite John 17:3 as a proof-text to deny the Trinity and claim that Jesus Christ is not God. They reason is that if Jesus were God, then He would not have called the Father, 'the only true God.' If the Father is the only true God, then it must require that Jesus cannot be God.

The Robbery

My heart was racing was I actually about to do this I thought to myself. It began on an early friday morning 10:30 a.m June 18th, 2009 Italy my crew just texted me asking if I was ready for this I hesitated for a second but said ”Yes I am”. 11:30 a.m my crew picks me up in 2006 white van I look in the back seeing that we have four weapons, masks, scuba diver suits, and C4. My crew is called the Psychos it includes Mike he is our safe cracker, Jerry he is our super smart guy that can hack anything for us, Tom he is our explosives guy he loves blowing things up, then we have the leader James he is the mastermind of our robberies, and me Tristen but also the getaway driver. 12 P.M we are about 30 minutes away from the location I tell them, Jerry then says “I’m almost done hacking into the cameras within the house when I do I will scan the area and tell you where the safe is”. We put the white van in a secret spot and hop in a boat that we are using for the heist it was a 2005 low top speed boat. James then goes over the plan one more time saying there is about 25 million dollars of gold in that safe and Im starting to get nervous. We mapped the whole house out and the gold was on the third floor protected by two armed guards but we were coming in from beneath. We plant the C4 on one spot on the first floor and on on the same spot but on the second floor we were in the boat space underneath the spot. Tom then gives a five second countdown “5,4,3,2,1” he sets off the explosives a hole comes through the floor and the safe drops down in the boat we me and Jerry start driving away as fast as we can armed men start following in their own boat. It was a distraction that worked perfectly while we were driving away Mike and James were cracking the safe under water! The cops were chasing the boat it was a fast getaway because our driver was really good and was out driving the cops.

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