Essay Samples on Organized Crime

Graffiti: A Form of Art or Crime

Graffiti is a highly controversial form of art which is considered illegal in several places, punishable by law whereas on the other hand some people term it as an innovative way of expressing creativity, freedom of speech and political awakening. This art indeed is a…

The Issue of White Collar Crime in India

Abstract This paper gives a point by point understanding behind the thought processes of individuals submitting violations. Specialists have named the individuals carrying out wrongdoing, where the violations were negligible and kept to a specific region of administration as Grass Eaters. Individuals included in cushy…

The Media Portrayal of Cocaine Production in Peru

The topic I have chosen for my National 4 added value unit is “Cocaine Production in Peru” and a newspaper article about two British females that were caught trying to smuggle 1.5 Million Pounds of cocaine into Peru. I have chosen this topic because I…

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