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The Beauty of Mortality in Charlotte's Web and Peter Pan

Optimistic View on Death in Charlotte's Web E.B. White develops an optimistic perspective by using the characters’ acceptance of the inevitable in his novel, Charlotte’s Web. Unlike in Peter Pan, mortality seems to manifest an attitude of universal importance and is something that does not...

Exploring E.B. White's Works and Their Social Reflections

Introduction In E.B White’s books Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web, White writes about characters and the ways they adapt to changes in their lives, which can also be seen throughout the 1950s during a time of segregation and racism. The purpose of this paper is...

Family Relationships in Bridge to Terabithia and Charlotte’s Web

We often perceive family as a group of made up of members that are related to us by blood. For example, our fathers, mothers, siblings, and more. However, we don’t often look at the role the family plays and what affect it has on us....

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