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Hypocrisy And Fanaticism Within Young Goodman Brown

 The vast majority of earlier American Gothic tales take place within the 1600s, which was a period full of radical religious feelings and actions. A good example of this was the Salem witch trials, which were started by irrational thinking and incredibly flawed religious logic...

Symbolism And Character Development In "Young Goodman Brown"

With the author being born in Salem, Massachusetts, Hawthorne’s short story is bound to be somewhat mystical. Salem’s tradition of witchcraft and its persecution is well known, and Hawthorne’s family is deeply intertwined with the famous trials. One of his ancestors was in fact a...

The Archetypes in Young Goodman Brown

The psychological archetypes within Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Young Goodman Brown emulate how one’s social relationships can crumble as culture is imbued with judgement. The Puritan society, portrayed by the causes of goodness at its core, spurns its members to cast discernment on others, yet not on...

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