Essay Samples on American Literature

Fire Is a Prominent Symbol in Anthem

Fire is a symbol that cannot be defined in one word. It is recognized as a purifier, destroyer, energy, change, and as a generative power of life. It can symbolize ignorance and enlightenment, demolition and rebirth, spirituality and damnation. In Anthem, Rand takes the representation...

Poe Edgard Allen and Various Kinds of Animals

These days many people have various kinds of animals as companions or more likely treat them differently, Poe Edgard Allen has written many stores including the black cat. Set in the home of the narrator. The story begins that the narrator is an animal lover...

The Book Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation

The book Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation is set in California in the year 1976 about a young woman named Dana, a black writer, facing the horrible truth her ancestors went through. As she puts books on a shelf with her husband Kevin, a white...

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