Jeffrey Dahmer: The Childhood and Capture of the Infamous Killer

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Jeffrey Dahmer, the infamous maneater, was the killer of 17 young men and boys. He enjoyed raping them, dismembering their bodies, having sex with their corpses, and building altars with their skulls. Though he can be described to have a normal childhood, Jeffrey Dahmer’s soul grew darker and darker as he aged. He derived pleasure from torturing and chopping up males, claiming that this was so that they would stay with him forever.

Jeffery Dahmers modus operandi was usually rape, cannibalism, necrophilia, dismemberment. He picked up men for sex, enjoyed strangling them, drugging them until they die. And performed his obscene acts with their bodies, such as necrophilia and dismemberment. When he is done with his obscene acts, he usually took the photo of the dead body so that he wouldn't forget all the sensations he had during the murder. Also, he took pictures of the process of dismemberment, and all of the internal organs were stored in the refrigerator. The remaining body was dumped into the tub of the chemicals to dissolve completely.

Jeffrey Dahmer claimed, in his interrogation, that 'The only motive that there ever was to completely control a person; a person I found physically attractive. And keep them with me as long as possible, even if it meant just keeping a part of them.” He generally killed men that he was sexually attracted to. He fantasized about having a male sexual partner and about dead bodies. One of Dahmer’s greatest fantasies was turning a man into a sex “puppet”. He did this by drilling a hole in their heads and pouring boiling water or hydrochloric acid into their brains.

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Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood can be described as an everyday boy’s childhood. He attended elementary school and middle school with no problems whatsoever. However, as he entered high school, he became withdrawn and uncommunicative, generally enjoying drinking alcohol and examining animal carcasses in his free time. In his college years, however, he became so alcoholic that he was forced to drop out. This was around the time his first murder happened, at age 18. Jeffrey Dahmer’s first murder happened after his parents left him in the house alone. Dahmer’s dark thoughts manifested and he lured a hitchhiker into his house and raped, killed, and dismembered his corpse. For the next ten years, Dahmer was “passive”, even serving as a medic from 1979 to 1981. However, he began to kill again after 1981. He frequented gay bathrooms and killed men and boys alike in the same ways. In 1991, Dahmer was finally arrested and charged with 15 murders.

He had numerous techniques for the killings. He had the kill count for 17 men and boys, and he usually drugged them by giving the victim 5-6 sleeping pills, and 125 mg of halcion, making them unconscious. He gave those pills because he wanted to have ultimate control over the victim, and Dahmer personally did not want to hurt them. Then he raped them, enjoying the sound the victim makes. After the rape, he killed the victim by strangling, or drilled a hole in the head of the victim and poured boiling water or hydrochloric acids into the victim, killing them. Dahmer was so used to the death of the victim, he did not care if the victim is dead. He had no hesitation from this process of murder and moved on to the next one.

Profile commonalities for Jeffery Dahmer's killing were very unorganized. All involved with finding the victim attractive, inviting them, killing them because they want to leave, and Dahmer wanted his victim to stray in his house. And perform his normal rituals to the dead body.

Eventually, he will be captured on July 22, 1991. Dahmer invited Tracy Edwards into his house with the money exchange for his company. But Dahmer got over Tracy with the butcher knife, and Tracy fought for his life. Tracy escaped from Dahmer and called the police. And he was arrested on that day, and police investigation will find out the horrifying crimes that Dahmer committed.

Jeffrey Dahmer pleads guilty once he was captured. Dahmer was convicted of 15 murders and sentenced to 15-lifetime sentences, a total of 957 years in prison. He served his time at the Columbia Correctional Institute in Portage Wisconsin. Although he did express remorse for his actions, he was still killed in prison when other prisoners beat him up. He died of head trauma while being rushed to the hospital.

Many serial killers have awful and abusive childhoods, usually beaten by their parents or bullied at school. Those childhood experiences fueled the violent and murderous intent of many serial killers in this world. Dahmer, however, experienced nothing like that any other serial killer has experienced as a child. He grew up with a loving household and had access to education and college. However, he was motivated by his disgusting desires to kill, rape, and dismember. If he had a chance to commit the crime, there was no doubt that Dahmer would commit them. There were too much darkness and heinous, disgusting desires in his heart, and that is what motivated Dahmer to kill. Being killed in prison is the best form of justice for Dahmer because no one on earth is of lower scum than Jeffrey Dahmer. 

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