Impact of Sexual Development on Jeffrey Dahmer's Crimes

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Sexual hormones have proven to be a dangerous influencer in the body of human beings. It can affect everything from an individual’s mood, behavior, and countless other things. The environment that a person lives in and the people that person surrounds themselves with, these sexual hormones can both help them develop a mature sexuality or it can send them down a dark, unrecoverable path. These hormones affected Jeffrey Dahmer’s sexual development in a very scary way as he murdered people, had sex with dead people, raped them, and chopped up body parts. When Jeffrey Dahmer was caught, the world finally found out the type of messed up person he was.

Just like everything else in the world, Jeffrey’s road to becoming one of, if not the single worst serial killer of all time had a beginning: “there was this real dichotomy; he was pure evil and incredibly violent” (Ryan). Jeffrey wasn’t always the person had become, he had a pretty normal life. As a young child, Jeffrey did things what normal children usually do, from playing with other children to going to school. Jeffrey’s journey down the dark path began when he started to collect dead animals to dissect to see how they looked from the inside. Dissecting animals made Jeffrey feel good in a sexual way.

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As Jeffrey grew up as a teenager, he discovered that he was attracted to only men in a sexual way. The idea of having sex with men and killing them sexually excited Jeffrey Dahmer. Jeffrey planed to so a steak out, find a male jogger, knock him out unconscious, and lay next to his body. He failed to accomplish what he wanted so he left this idea alone for now. After graduating from high school, Jeffrey finally fulfilled his goal when he picked up a hitchhiker named Steven Hicks and drove him to his family’s house. Both Jeffrey and Steven drank a ton of alcohol and when Steven wanted to leave, Jeffrey hit him over the head with a barbell and choked him to death. Jeffrey later dismembered Steven’s body and stored it somewhere in his apartment. Jeffrey raped two of his fellow soldiers when he was in the military: “two men have given interviews to reveal Dahmer raped them during his military service” (James Gordon). Jeffrey Dahmer was shortly discharged from the military after this incident. 

Jeffrey Dahmer moved in with his grandmother and he couldn’t stop from fantasizing from homosexual thoughts and killing people. Jeffrey tried to clean his life up and stay away from doing anything bad but his sexual fantasies kept holding him back. Jeffrey tried his very best to stay clean but he couldn’t as he looked for people to murder so he could fulfill his sick sexual desires. He stole a manikin from a store display and brought it home to masturbate on it. Jeffrey’s grandmother found out about the manikin and demanded he throws it out. Jeffrey started visiting gay clubs to find his next victim. Jeffrey Dahmer met a young teenage boy outside of one of the clubs he visited and took him to his grandma's house. Jeffrey and the boy had sex and then Jeffrey choked him to death. Jeffrey hid the boy’s dead body in the basement for some time so he could have sex with it. Jeffrey’s grandmother asked him to move out because of his drinking problems and strange smells coming from the basement. Jeffrey found his own apartment where he continued to feed his sick sexual desires. At the end of the day, the only way to describe Jeffrey’s behavior is of a necrophiliac.

Jeffrey couldn’t help himself so he continued to do what he used to. Jeffrey got a teenage boy who managed to run away. Jeffrey received a conviction of a second-degree sexual assault and was sentenced to one year in a work release program but he was released a couple of months early. Getting released from that program was bad as Jeffrey went on a killing spree where he ended up murdering over thirteen people. Jeffrey moved to another apartment and picked up a young boy. The boy walked outside completely naked while Jeffrey was doing something and one of the neighbors called the police. The police questioned Jeffrey, but he sweet talked them and they let him go. Jeffrey brought the boy back inside his apartment and killed him. The dead body count in Jeffrey’s apartment was rising so he purchased a giant drum and filled it with a powerful acid to dissolve the dismembered body parts. As time passed, those body parts became liquidy so Jeffrey flushed them down the toilet.

Jeffrey’s time of committing crimes was over. Tracy Edwards, a gay man who had a sexual relationship with Jeffrey managed to run away from Jeffrey’s apartment and called the police. When the police went to Jeffrey’s apartment, they discovered evidence of the crimes Jeffrey had committed. In 1992, he was found guilty to all charges and sentenced to fifteen consecutive life sentences. Jeffrey Dahmer really didn’t feel any emotions as the trail was going on, he was emotionless. He showed no remorse for what he did. In prison, Jeffrey was murdered by another inmate who was also serving a life sentence.

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