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John Stockton; My Favorite Athlete

John Stockton is one of the greatest athletes in history. John is an inspiration to everyone, including many aspiring basketball athletes. He has taught so many important things, like that appearances don’t matter, what matters is how much work you are willing to put in....

My Favorite Athlete: Lionel Messi

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What were you doing at the age of thirteen? Were you doing as much as Lionel Messi at that age? Lionel Messi at the age of thirteen was all ready on his way to play for one of the most premier clubs in the world,...

Remembering Basketball Legends: Kobe Bryant and James Lebron

Arguably the best two basketball players of all time. Some argue that one had a better career than the other. Others say that one was a more complete than the other. In this essay I will be arguing that Kobe Bryant was a better basketball...

My Favourite Athlete: Hannah Haughn

Every athlete has someone they look up to; hockey players love Wayne Gretzky, golf lovers watch Tiger Woods, and Canadian women’s soccer players worship Christine Sinclair. My favourite athlete is a little less known, and so is the sport she plays. Hannah Haughn is my...

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