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The Origins of Surfing and Polo

History The exact origins of surfing are unknown; however, it is thought to have been conceived somewhere in the string of Polynesian Islands in the pacific. This due to the fact that surfing was first recorded in 1768 by Joseph Banks, the HMS Endeavour’s official...

Surfing Subculture and Its Link to Fashion

The first chapter begins with a quote by the famous Duke Kahanamoku, considered the father of modern surfing (SurferToday). This expression has been chosen to represent each individual linked to the surf-culture. The devotion to water is supreme and only within it one wants to...

The Fun and Beauty of Surfing in Barbados

Surfing is certainly an activity for people who want loads of fun and excitement. While all surfers will have their own opinion as to which surfing location is the finest, they recognize – that surfing is a unique water sport and offers a great escape...

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