Lampuuk Beach: Coastal Light That Have Recovered From Tsunami Trauma

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Lampuuk Beach is one of the main tourist destinations in Aceh Besar before the 2004 tsunami. The beach is always crowded with visitors, both from Banda Aceh, Beraboh, or other areas. With white sand and shady pine trees, this place is the ideal place to relieve fatigue. At the time of the tsunami, the coast, which is approximately 15 kilometers from Banda Aceh, was among those who suffered considerable damage. Hotels on the seashore and surrounding settlements were destroyed by the big waves.

More than half of the Lampuuk population died in the disaster. The trauma of the tsunami threat made people reluctant to come to this beach, other than because of the many fallen pine trees and debris left over from the tsunami. This could make the beach closed for tourism activities. However, gradually the coast recovered. More or less a year after the tsunami, tourism activities on this beach were again crowded.

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In the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction after the tsunami, Lampuuk Beach management was integrated with several other tourism objects in Aceh, such as Pulau Weh, Danau Laut Tawar, and Takengon Plateau. This has a positive effect on efforts to restore the image of Lampuuk Beach as a prime tourist destination for Aceh. Not only local tourists, many NGO activists and foreign volunteers who stop by for beach trips, especially surfing, also helped boost the beach's popularity.

At present, Lampuuk Beach tourism can be said to have recovered as before the tsunami. There are four entry points for visitors to go to different coastal segments, namely Babah Satu, Babah Dua, Babah Tiga, and Babah Empat. Each entrance is named sequentially according to its position, from the southernmost to the northernmost. The path that many local visitors generally pass is Babah Satu and Babah Dua. Foreign tourists usually come from the Babah Tiga line. This location is usually used for surfing activities or just relaxing enjoying a summer vacation. Along with the improvements made, this beach has also been equipped with various tourism facilities, such as a banana boat. For visitors who want to spend the night, there are also various inns from class inns to cottages with varied rates according to the services and facilities desired.

In addition, on the beach side, visitors who want to fill their stomach can also easily find seafood stalls. These kiosks offer a variety of grilled fish dishes, such as rambe fish, grouper, pomfret, shrimp, squid, and others. This delicious grilled seafood is suitable to be enjoyed as a meal when gathering with family or friends. More complete equipped with fresh young coconut ice

Another activity that can be done when visiting this beach is visiting turtle conservation. Located in Babah Dua, turtle conservation can be an educational vehicle for children regarding environmental conservation.

Although mass activities around turtle conservation are only carried out at certain times, visitors can find a number of hatchlings or turtle children that are accommodated in small ponds on one side of this area. These hatchlings will be released into the sea when they are considered capable of surviving in the wild.

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