The Fictional Night Visit of the Beach: the Emotional Turmoil

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Whilst strolling along the shore of the grand royal beach, the soft texture of the sand wrapped warmly around my feet as the lukewarm rays of the setting sun caressed the underside of my eyelids. I smiled to myself in content as I continued to stride, into the ocean’s meek waves, bathing my feet in the clouds of ecstasy. I slowly opened my eyes again, allowing them to venture off into the breathtaking scenery and the melodies of the waves peacefully landed against the flattened sand reverberate slowly in my ears. The subtle pawprints of creatures faded slowly like distant memories flowing into the salty waves of the sea. From the sidelines, the sun. which had been repeating a game of rise and set for centuries, has once again repeated the end of its daily cycle as it majestically flaunts off an orb of magnificence, mellowness and magic that could bewitch the coldest of hearts. Oh! The swift yet beautiful sunset, is dutifully complimenting such breathtaking view of the beach, as usual. Everyone had their special place for happiness or grief, for no sole reason, but for the memories that not even cameras can capture. The feeling of a gift, a gift of sorrow, a gift to which that is imprinted in my heart, until my very last breath.

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As my feet slowly came to a halt, I took in a deep and long breath of the bracing breeze of the sea; the breeze flew around me, fluttering my dark hair as I watched the sunset-painted-rocks endlessly being beaten by the waves hair fluttering, watching the sunset-painted-rocks endlessly being beaten by the waves, the sun shines over the scenery, gifting the earth with a beautiful hues of orange. Soft and pastel clouds, blushed at the motherly touch from the sun. Birds, freely soared across the now amaranthine sky, returning to its family. The sun was now half into the water, but it still continued to soar out its colours reluctantly yet effortlessly; slowly welcoming his one and only friend, the moon.

These actions, symbolises my beloved descended one, the love of my life, as cliché as it sounds, his smile, as bright as the sun, the type who would never give up and always marched towards his goal, even if his body was burned down. But as time flies, His astonishing smile, his dark hair, slowly fades away, his blinding colours slowly drifts away from him, as darkness replaces it. It was the end of him.

The sun's warmth, that protected me and stayed solely by my side, slowly starts fading away, just like his existence, flying away from my sight, the motherly colours were slowly replaced with pure black, The type of black that’s so pure and embraces you and tells you “everything’s going to be okay,'' The softness of the friendly and darkened sky layers over the earth, assisting the choir of stars onto shining onto its fullest; they shined brightly along the galaxy; sang with their angelic voices, joined hands and glanced down to Mother Earth. It was like he was watching and protecting me from up there. I smiled, tears trickling down my cheeks as the wind breezes around me, I blink away the tears afraid to accept that this moment of life is coming to an end. Unwillingly, I took a step away from the beach, and left...“Maybe it may have been the end of him, but it’s not the end of me.”

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