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Defining Sport: Cheerleading As A Type Of Sport

How do you define something like a sport? That has been a debate surrounding cheerleading for the longest time. The discussion on whether it is a sport or art is fiery and characterized by two very passionate sides, each defending their claim. Cheerleading, which was...

American Sport: Cheerleading And American Football

American football is one of the most watched sporting events in the USA, But lately there has been a debate rather or not football is dangerous and should it be banned for certain ages or no tackle football whatsoever. Football is dangerous, but less dangerous...

How To Survive: Competition Season As A Cheerleader

If you ask anyone, “Do you think cheer is a sport?” most people will say no, it is not a sport. However, most of these people do not understand how much goes into being a cheerleader. Many people tend to think of typical football cheerleading...

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