Carl Rogers and Anna’s Case Study

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Carl Rogers was born on the 8th of January 1902 and passed away at the age of 85 on the 4th of January 1987. Rogers was known for developing the person-centered approach and helping found the humanistic approach. Rogers was influenced by Abraham Maslow who is known for the creating Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Rogers believed that humans are mainly driven by the motivation to self-actualization, or to accomplish their full potential. 

However, individuals who self-actualize will only be able to do so if their environment supports them to do so as oppose to someone who lives in an environment which is constrained. It is believed that Rogers feels that for a person to grow their environment should consist of acceptance, genuineness and empathy. Rogers believes that every person has the potential to develop towards their future and reach self actualization at some point in their lives.

Applying this theory to Anna’s case study, I feel Anna has been succefull within this theory; Anna was brought up with a loving mother, father and siblings. Anna’s family support was what got her through her sister’s death at the age of 16. Anna has been brought up in an environment which has shown her empathy, genuineness and acceptance by her mother and father. So for Anna to be brought up within this environment and having her needs met this has allowed her to grow up with the skills she needs for her own family.

Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) was an American psychologist who died at the age of 62 years old. Maslow was known for creating the Hierarchy of needs which is shaped as a pyramid, the bottom of the pyramid which is known as Physiological which is the basic needs that each individuals needs such as breathing, water, food and sleep, it is believed that once these needs are satisfied a person will move onto each need such as safety, love/belonging, esteem and finally at the top there is self actualization.

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When applying this theory to Anna’s case study I believe that Anna has managed to reach each stage throughout her life except self actualization, by being a mum, having a full time job and being in a loving relationship. However I would say within the pyramid as much as anna almost reaches the top she has now dergressed to the beginning of the pyramid.

A similarity between Rogers and Maslow is that they both believe that you go through life in stages and agree that individuals can reach self actualization, however Maslow believes that only 2% will reach this stage whereas Rogers believes that everyone can get to this stage providing they have a good environmental surrounding. Although the two theories are very similar I feel that Maslow’s theory is better suited towards Anna’s case study as she has went to almost the top to being back at the bottom whereas Rogers believes that in order to reach self actualization your environment should consist of genuineness, empathy and acceptance, Anna still has this in her life so therefore I disagree with this theory.

According to neuroscience is defined as the scientific study of the nervous system within the brain of humans and animals. According to (, 2020) the brain weighs around 1.3kg and is made up of million individual cells or neurons. It is known as the branch of biology which is also known to cover more than one field within neuroscience such as, Cognitive neuroscience, this is known as the part of the brain which controls and creates thoughts, memory, problem solving and language. Developmental science which describes how the brain, grows, makes changes and how it forms. 

Behavioral neuroscience explores specific brain areas and the processes that underline how a human acts, neurophysiology represents the study of how the nervous system functions, Clinical neuroscience is known to explore how a person can be treated, prevent neurology disorders and how to restore a patient’s nervous system back to normality once it has been injured. Sensory neuroscience explores parts of the body’s sensory system and how the nervous system explores and gathers sensory information. 

Mocular and cellular neuroscience is carried out to examine the genes, proteins and molecules involved in the function of neurons within the brain. Then there is neurogenetics which focus on the changes which are inherited changes within neurons including the studies of certain genetic diseases which involve duchenne muscular dystrophy and Huntington disease

Anna has been diagnosed with dementia. According to (Healthline, 2020) Dementia is the when there is a progressive decline within the cognitive function; this is caused by disease or damage to the brain. The affected areas in which may be affected can be from behavior, judgment, language and memory, this may cause one not knowing who they are or where they are. It is stated within Anna's case study that she has suffered from anxiety which has lead onto depression. It is believed depression and anxiety affect the mood by feeling frustrated, stressed and also affects a person’s sleep routine  all of these will have an impact on the cognitive part of the brain which may lead the brain to become damaged within certain parts.According to recent studies that depression may have an impact on dementia in adults over 55 who have suffered long term depression.

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