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The Abnormal Psychology Analysis in The Big Bang Theory

Introduction The client chosen for analysis is Sheldon Cooper, a character on the sitcom, “Big Bang Theory.' Sheldon is a 30 year old male and an American national. He is a physicist working at CIT. Additionally, he is married to Amy Farrah Fowler and expecting...

Silko's Ceremony: Exploration of Traumatised Psyche

The fourth chapter of Scott Carpenter’s book focuses on analyzing a literary character using psychoanalytic theories. He how characters’ actions can be explained from their experiences, right from childhood. In other words, life span development is closely linked to a person’s personality, and literary characters...

Depression of South African Teenagers: Abnormal Psychology Research

Introduction Depression as we know it falls under mood disorders and in order for one to understand depression he must understand mood disorders. Mood disorders are described as a group of disorders that involve emotionality disturbances that are enduring and are severe, they range from...

Abnormal Psychology and Perception of Mental Illnesses

Abnormal psychology is a term defined by being statistically deviant from the norm and definitions and have changed considerable amounts over the past few centuries. Even today there are debates to what is deemed to be ideal mental health. Within psychology we try and justify...

Abnormal Psychology: What are the Ways Some Incidents May Influence Individuals

Hello everyone, my name is Sagar. Currently I am enrolled in 3rd semester of Mechanical Engineering technology Program in Georgian Barrie campus. This is my first Psychology course that I have chosen in my program. I am very excited to learn more about the Psychological...

Understanding the Meaning of Normal Behavior

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While our government controls many aspects of our lives, there is one other metaphorical idea that controls us on an even smaller scale. To be normal; a dominating force that determines much of our day to day behavior. The goal of living such a life...

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