My Motivation To Take A Role In The Medical Field

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Desire to excel to the best of my abilities has always been a personal trait of mine and being aware there are obstacles to overcome, has only encouraged me further to achieve my goals and ambitions. A profound interest to study this degree course stems from my desire to pursue a career that combines my interest in the sciences alongside working with people. Executing practical work at school was an opportunity I thrived upon as it enabled me to investigate and delve deeper and it places all the theory work into perspective. The a levels I am currently studying which include: bio and chem provide me with a strong scientific foundation. Giving me a good grounding to study this degree. Studying Biology, Chemistry and Law at A Level has provided me with varied knowledge and a range of technical skills. Chemistry and Biology has permitted me to logically understand ideas and has improved my methodical skills through statistical analysis of data which I then evaluate to identify any anomalous or erroneous results. Aspects of biology that involve examining and identifying the numerous individual entities and functions of a cell.

Studying Law developed my problem-solving skills through the application of legal rules, together with an understanding of legal method and reasoning by critically evaluating case law. The A levels I am currently studying have provided me with the knowledge and skills that are a crucial foundation and a stepping stone for this chosen course. I believe that my education, skill-set and work experiences have prepared me aptly to undertake this degree. Research and discussions with university staff and students from a variety of different medical fields and staff has enabled me to reach a fully informed decision about the demands and expectations I would face. Also, visiting University Open Days and Taster Days has empowered me to achieve a desire of helping the community by taking a role in the medical field.

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I am certain that I have the important necessary skills, attributes and commitment to complete this demanding course. I hold a belief that by doing well for others encourages you to feel a characteristic feeling of achievement. My choice originated from my desire to seek after a profession that joins my interest in science with my affection for working with individuals. This urged me to apply as a Patient support volunteer at my local hospital where I have been working for a while. This is an experience where I would get to patients to check whether they require any assistance or even simply conversing with them to keep them smiling or nevertheless consoling them that they would be fine. A type of situation where this skill was used was when a patient I met at the ward was upset as he had recently found out he was suffering from cancer. I did my upmost to stop him getting upset and I am certain there would be situations in the future where I would come up with similar situations. This work has prepared me with confidence and technical skill for working at a hospital. This open door has given me a considerable understanding at how I would cooperate with patients. Alongside studying, I have taken up varied roles. By working part time in retail I have gained additional skills and experiences; I am able to work effectively independently and as part of a team by encouraging and supporting others. This job heavily involved handling calls with good communication and I understand this is particularly important in this career where I will be communicating sensitive information to patients and healthcare staff. Additionally, volunteering at my local charity shop … and futher enhancewhere I work in a team to solidify and further enhance my interpersonal skills. I personally believe it is a good trait, as it allows the results which are most effective to be found. By having customer contact, I feel my confidence has improved vastly and is beneficial for me in the future.

I am keen to learn from people who are themselves contributing to our current knowledge, and perhaps eventually I will be able to contribute to new discoveries myself. I recognise that good manual dexterity is particularly beneficial in this role and in my spare time I enjoy art particularly sketching. I am eager to use my abilities to help people and have some skill in putting anxious patients at ease. My commitment to my chosen path is because I believe I have the maturity and determination to become very successful.

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