Medicine – The Perfect Industry For Me

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I was inspired to study Medicine the moment I witnessed a dural splitting craniocervical decompression procedure. I undertook work experience at the Leeds General Infirmary within the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. During work experience, I observed different surgeries, from Paediatric Neurosurgery to Cancer Surgery on adults. I have seen that dedication, empathy and effective communication are key skills and qualities needed for a doctor. I attended a meeting with other doctors to discuss the best ways to help patients allowing me to understand how leadership can help produce the most successful results and I have understood the importance of effective communication. I did the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) alongside studying four subjects. I based it on the question “What are the current challenges posed by Organ Transplantation in the UK?”. This gave me the opportunity to delve beyond the immunological terminology taught at A-level and research the complex practical and ethical challenges involved in this area.

Adapting to independent learning has prepared me for Medicine as I have developed new skills such as time management and using the Harvard Referencing System, enabling me to critically evaluate information and resources for reliability. Since July 2017, I have worked at John Lewis. Working a part time job whilst studying is very challenging but it has allowed me to become independent and further develop time management skills and the ability to prioritise my work load. As part of my role in Stock Management, I am constantly adapting to change as I am required to work in different departments. I have developed strong communication skills as it is important for me to talk to customers and colleagues. During my work experience, I saw how doctors communicate with staff at all levels within different departments, such as when new patients were transferred to the PICU, in theatres and in clinics. During the Christmas period, John Lewis is extremely busy which allowed me to gain experience of working in a fast-paced environment; simulating a hospital. I took on a 13-hour night shift from 5pm to 6am, allowing me to develop flexibility and adaptability, experiencing the extensive working hours of a doctor. Working weekends and studying four subjects and an EPQ enabled me to establish a healthy work-life balance.

In my free time, I help serve my local Sikh Temple by helping with the kitchen service and ensuring the grounds are kept in good condition, showing my passion to help people which is important for medicine. I have participated in various extra-curricular opportunities such as supporting the Science department during the Sixth Form open evening at Allerton High; advising students and parents. I helped host a Christmas party for Moor Allerton Elderly Care, by helping to organise the event and greet guests. I voluntarily mentored Y7 students, supporting them with their leap from Primary to Secondary education, offering advice and helping them with their academic struggles. This will be my third year in organising two annual religious celebrations in school for charity. I have an important role in ensuring that the set up of the event is organised for students and teachers at Allerton High. Leadership and team work are vital skills I have gained in managing these events. Over the summer after GCSE’s, I took part in the NCS programme. I helped set up a campaign to raise awareness for Dementia in the Leeds City Centre and visited a Nursing Home. From this, I have further developed communication skills and care for my community and have greater commitment towards work and planning for activities out of my comfort zone. I enjoy playing a range of sports as it is an effective way for me to cope with stress and have represented my school cricket team. By visiting various University open days and experiencing how Medicine is demonstrated in hospitals, I strongly believe that Medicine is the perfect industry for me and I am a strong candidate as I have the knowledge and skills needed to become a dedicated, resilient doctor.

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