My Enthusiasm And Dedication To Study Mathematics

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Transire suum pectus mundoque potiri, there is no other sentence that could better describe the purpose of maths and its austere beauty. I’d like to study mathematics to educate the eye and the ear of the mind, to be able to see or hear its beauty. After all, nobody ever asks why art or music are created and used: simply, they are expressions of the human spirit, which satisfy those who understand them. But few know that there is so much beauty in Plato’s works, in Kant’s critiques or in David’s paintings, as there is in the theorems of Gauss, Euler and Riemann. In art there always have been rationalist currents that speak the same language as maths and appreciating them requires the same level of education and diligence required to understand a theorem or a demonstration. So I would like to study mathematics because the effort of concentration and the commitment necessary to enjoy it, are amply rewarded by the intellectual heights to which they elevate those who practice it.

A further reason is that maths is useful. Without derivatives and integrals, we would not have mechanical and electromagnetic technology, from cars to telephones. Without the mathematical logic, there would be no computers. Without the theory of numbers, which is my favourite part of this discipline because of its pure elegance, our pins would be insecure, without geometry the soccer ball would not have been discovered. But without all these things, we would not be worse men. Without reason, beauty and culture, on the other hand, we would. This is why the utilitarian justification, which is usually invoked first, appears here not only as last, but also as least. I love challenges. I have been in my school maths team since my first year. I have been the captain since I was in the third year. In 2018 we achieved second place in the “Università Bocconi national team games”. Since I was in my first year of secondary school I have been selected as my district’s representative at a national level.

Last year too I achieved this great honour so I attended the national maths Olympiads where I got a “merit diploma”. I’m going to take part in the games again and I’m currently studying to do my best. I have a very determined personality so I always try to fix problems in this world. I’d like to destroy stereotypes related to women’s participation in politics and scientific studies. I have been elected as school representative and this role has given me a lot of power and a lot of responsibilities. My school has about 2000 students so this has been an experience that allowed me to broaden my horizons and develop considerable organisational skills. I have also learnt to listen, rather than just speak. I usually write the first page of the school magazine and sometimes I write on the local newspaper.

The study of Latin has supplied me with a logical and methodological approach to problem solving. Understanding different cultures is to me the most important skill a person should have, so I travel a lot and I often visit places of which I am studying the history. In this way I can learn to think critically. Since I have been playing volleyball for 12 years I know how important team work is. I also volunteer for animal rights and try to boycott companies that produce lower priced products, not respecting their employees. Studying in the United Kingdom could offer me the possibility of getting engaged in a vibrant community, benefiting from its open mind, from where I could get extremely innovative ideas. On the other hand I am sure I can contribute to this community my enthusiasm and capability of handling pressure, which always lead me in the pursuit of my goals. It is exciting to dream of what I will be able to do, the goals that I can achieve with enthusiasm and dedication. I hope I will never lose the passion and the determination to take action, which are the key features of my personality. I would consider that my biggest failure.

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