My Career Plans In The Childcare Area

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In the last 2 years I have realise that I really want to work with children and young people because everyday is different and full of unknown. I am a person that it is always willing to learn something new and try new things to expand on my knowledge. I know that working with children will be perfect because I could learn both practical and theoretical aspects. I find working with children challenging and fascinating because they are always curious and open for adventure and new experiences. I have enjoyed my work placements because I really admire children’s endless energy, resilience and creativity.

I also had a chance to work with amazing teachers which have made me realise that working with children is something that I want to do because I saw how rewarding, demanding and motivating it can be. I have chosen to study a course which is about working with children and young people because I believe that I have a good interpersonal skills such as patience and friendly manner what could be really beneficial in this type of job. Additionally, I’m looking forward to being able to work and study a course about children and young people full time on a day to day basic because watching children progress, grow and achieve their milestones make me feel proud and rewarded as I feel like I am a part of something beautiful. Working with children also gives me a chance to develop my personality and abilities such as, problem solving, non-judgemental approach, working as a part of the team or caring and patient nature.

During my college course and placement I was always determined and driven to do my work as best as I could and continuously tried to improve the areas that were not so strong because I am consistently eager to learn. I have use my initiative and creativity in placement before while planning activities and games for children which would support their learning and development, as well as allow to challenge them personally. My positive characteristics and strengths include good communications and listening skills, as well as I am also a cheerful and enthusiastic person that likes meeting new people and easily adapt in new environment. I have chosen to work with children and young people because that is something that I have always wanted to do and the past 2 years had prepare me for upcoming challenges and obstacles that I would have to face while studying at university.

Additionally, I believe that during my university course I will have the chance to learn from people that are more knowledgeable and absorb the informations that will then help me in my future career in this area. Additionally, taking part in National Citizen Service programme or charity events such as X Runner or raising money for Alzheimer’s Society have helped me to realise that I love getting involved and helping others, and it gave me the opportunity to gain the knowledge of how I can make a difference in people’s lives.

In my free time I like to go to the gym, meet with friends, babysit or spread my interests such as photography or drawing. I like to spend my time babysitting because it gives me opportunity to work with different types of children’s and learn about how to cope and manage certain situations. Beside all of my other interest I like to read and catch up with all the changes in the childcare area to keep my informations up to date as well as read different type of magazines from where I can get some extra knowledge. After I graduated, I want to go straight into employment to keep expanding on my knowledge and work in the area that have always inspired and interested me.

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