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Importance of Identification the Emotion

Emotions are big part of our lives. Every day, we are always driven by our emotions that is why we always experience things that we did not expect. When we are excited, we always take chances to see new prospects. We cry because we’ve been...

Why All Everyone Needs Is Love

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines love as a strong affection toward someone. Over the past century, poets and philosophers have been trying to figure out what love is. Love cannot really be defined. It has an infinite number of definitions which can mean something different...

The Report on Discussing Feelings in a Focus Group

The first half of this focus group conducted by moderator Peter Hart and Emory University is a in-depth discussion to have a conversation about the current political situation in America, particularly about the attitude that the participants have on Donald Trump’s presidency. The discussion is...

Doubt As A Humans Natural Feeling

We live in a world where people believe the false notion that you can achieve anything if you believe in yourself. On the contrary in all reality doubt is necessary to truly see your hopes and dreams come to fruition. Bertrand Russell a British author...

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