Why All Everyone Needs Is Love

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The Merriam Webster dictionary defines love as a strong affection toward someone. Over the past century, poets and philosophers have been trying to figure out what love is. Love cannot really be defined. It has an infinite number of definitions which can mean something different to every person. A person may never know what real love is until a person has experienced it. Now someone might be wondering, what is love? Is it the first kiss that you received in middle school, or the crushes that you’ve have had over the course of your teenage life? Or is it a choice that people make in order to care for someone and put them before them.

There is now science that backs what love really is. According to a 75-year study by Harvard, love is what’s needed in order to fulfill a happy life. Many of us like to believe that we would like to be in love; however, we may face hardships that take away the actions that allow a person to love. It’s valuable for us to be able to define love as an action to bring us closer to people. To people in a romantic relationship, love might be defined as having certain characteristics like:

  • Expressions of affection.
  • Offering pleasure and satisfaction to one another.
  • Compassion to the needs of each other.
  • A desire for shared activities and pursuits.
  • An appropriate level of sharing of possessions.
  • An ongoing, honest exchange of personal feelings.
  • The process of offering concern for the loved one’s.

Love includes a feeling that goes beyond the loved one’s selfishness. It provides nurture that thus provides a positive effect for the well-being of each person. Love, itself shall never fall victim to deception because it fractures the sense of reality by causing someone to be misled.

So how well can someone be loving? When people think that their love is meaningful, they often ask themselves 3 simple questions:

  • Do I act in a way in which I nurture him/her?
  • Do I take action in order to make the other person feel safe?
  • Do I consider what makes them happy?

Giving love a certain definition is like describing a certain color to a person who is not able to see color. Everyone knows that in order to know what it is you have to feel it. Love is what you are, who you are and lets one know that you aren’t alone.

The word love is not an acronym; therefore, it doesn’t have a full form. Love is one of the strongest emotions that a person can feel. The ancient Greeks used seven words to describe what love means:

Storge: Is familial love. It pertains to the love that one feels towards parents or their children. This is asymmetrical to most children. Storge is the fondness that is learned from dependency and does not not pertain to our personal qualities.

Philia: The love that you have for friends. Philosopher Aristotle believed that for one of three reasons a person could be fond of one another would be that: he was useful, pleasant, or overall good.

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Eros: Is sexual or passionate love.

Agape: Is unconditional love such as the love for nature or god

Ludus: This is playful love.

Pragma: The love in a married couple.

Philautia: The love of self (negative or positive)

These are seven different kind of feelings or how you can define love. The love you feel for your love interest isn’t the same as the love you feel for your mother. Even the love for your partner changes in time. You feel different emotions for different situations and people.

There is a difference between love and lust. It can be really hard to tell because both are associated with physical attraction and a rush of chemicals, but love is the only thing that is love lasting. Love grows over time by getting to know each other and experiencing hardships. Love involves tome, trust and acceptance. Lust only has to do with sexual sensations that draw people to each other. It is characterized by sex hormones and infatuation and may not lead to a long relationship.

In conclusion, love is involuntary. It will make you do strange things and cause you to lose control. The ancient Greeks would call love “the madness of the gods.” However, psychologists today define it as the strong desire that drives union. We think that love is only felt because of mating, however you need it in order to gain validation.

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