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Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Human Needs And Ethics

Introduction The definition of ethics; “Moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity” (Definition of ethics in English by Oxford Dictionaries, n.d.). We carry out ethical decisions every day of our lives, and as free persons we are constantly faced...

Imbalance Between Wants And Needs Among Personal Goals

Recall a time you’ve received an item you felt you couldn’t coincide without. What had become of that Item and where is it now? These occurrences constantly happen throughout our society and they usually result in temporary happiness. Due to our emphasization on materialistic desires,...

Challenges In Community Mental Health Needs Measurement

Community care can be described as the processes and tools required to enable mental health for a given population (Thornicroft, 2011). A definition of community mental health care can be explained by having the following four elements: first, encompassing both an individual and a population-based...

Definition of Famine and Countries Under the Threat

Famine is defined as an extreme scarcity of food, as well as widespread, usually life-threatening hunger, manifested in malnutrition and loss of life due to starvation and infectious disease. In other words, a famine is a situation where one in five households experience “an extreme...

Why All Everyone Needs Is Love

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines love as a strong affection toward someone. Over the past century, poets and philosophers have been trying to figure out what love is. Love cannot really be defined. It has an infinite number of definitions which can mean something different...

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