Abraham Maslow and His Hierarchy Basic Needs

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Maslows hierarchy of needs can influence current practice by using its framework to provide teachers and staff with the knowledge that children and young people are less likely to perform at their fullest potential if their basic needs are not met. Schools and colleges have an opportunity to provide basic needs to children and young people. A teacher should be able to identify if a child's basic needs are not being met, a child's appearance and home environment would be an indicator to this, and the teaching staff will intervene. 

Many schools provide a breakfast club for children to be able to eat a healthy breakfast in a safe environment, they are open to all pupils at the school however staff will often encourage children to attend who they suspect don’t get breakfast at home. Breakfast clubs along with after school clubs can help provide a child's basic needs such as food, water, shelter. Having a healthy breakfast each day is important for school children it will motivate their behaviour as it is proven to help concentration and increases energy levels.

Schools and colleges can support a child or young person's safety needs, teachers and staff can help make a child or young person feel safe and secure it is important just to be there for a child if they need to talk to feel they are being listened to, routines and schedules also give a child a sense of security, planned lessons, break times and lunchtimes can all help to make a child feel safe and comfortable. Wearing a school uniform can increase a childs safety, being able to spot a child through their uniform when on outings away from school will help to keep a child safe, an intruder in school will also be more noticeable as they will not have a uniform or id pass that teachers and staff must wear in schools. 

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Having knowledgeable staff who are regularly trained in safeguarding and prevent of duty can identify if a child maybe a victim of abuse either physically or mentally, being groomed or being radicalized. A teachers training will also be able to spot any signs of self-harm, eating disorders and they will also be able to monitor bullying within the setting. The staff can then take the correct steps to protect the child or young person meeting their need for safety.

The need to be loved and having belongingness is achieved within schools, a child wears a uniform to school which is a keyway of developing the need for belongingness among students and staff. Teachers and staff can help a child feel the need for love and belongingness through belonging to a class they can create and build friendships with peers, to ensure a child is not left feeling isolated by monitoring closely any issues that may arise for example any concerns for bullying within the school environment each school has their own policies and procedures when it comes to bullying.

Within schools and colleges staff need to be able to identify which pupils may be lacking in self-esteem and be able to take a proactive approach to help to boost their self-confidence. Praising a child or young person for their work and good behaviour will support their self-esteem as well as their peers being supportive and by encouraging each other's strengths. 

It is important that a child or young person is recognised for their achievements this is often shown in current practice by giving rewards such as certificates, stickers, treats or informing parents and senior leaders about the child's academic or behavioural achievement's. Maslow indicated that the need for respect and reputation is most important for a child and young person and precedes real self-esteem and dignity. In life we gain respect from others by the actions, responses and respect we show. It is important that within schools or colleges both staff and pupils understand respect and it is important that adults can model how to be respectful by respecting the children themselves.

When a school or college setting can support and satisfy their children in all 4 levels of Maslow's hierarchy they can then perform to their fullest potential. To get to the level of self –actualization they must have achieved goals set out for them, goals help children to evaluate where they are and where they want to be. With the help, guidance and teaching from staff a child can reach those goals by having the support and understanding and the motivation needed from their peers too.  

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