Importance of Identification the Emotion

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Emotions are big part of our lives. Every day, we are always driven by our emotions that is why we always experience things that we did not expect. When we are excited, we always take chances to see new prospects. We cry because we've been hurt. We smile because we are happy. We laugh because there is something funny. The emotions dictate the thought, action and intention of a person. 

However, when we act impulsively on our emotions or we act on wrong kinds of feelings, we often make decisions that we will later regret. There was time that I was in a stressful situation where I almost tried to end my life. You know what made me think that way? It is because of the sadness or pain that runs through me. Surprisingly, I survived and I have learned to discipline my emotions. So, I am here to share my tips on how to avoid the wrong kind of emotions and master our emotions/feelings.

The first step is let’s identify our emotion. It is important to identify the emotion we are experiencing because if we are not sure of what kind of emotion we are experiencing, then we will struggle to respond appropriately. For example, reacting impulsively to emotional triggers can be a huge mistake. We don’t want to say or do something that we will later regret, right? in order to avoid this, let’s always ask ourselves like “What am I feeling right now?”. This will help us to identify our emotions because the greater clarity we have, the more we will have to work with as we move through this step.

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The second step is let’s appreciate our emotion. It is really critical that no matter what emotion we are experiencing, there is no way out that we cannot resist it. Therefore, let’s acknowledge the emotion we are experiencing and search for its personal meaning that we find ourselves in. For example, if something has suddenly caused us to feel mad, instead of trying to resist our anger, let’s just acknowledge that we are feeling mad.

The third step is let’s analyze our emotion. It is important to get curious because curiosity will open doors for us to new opportunities and perspectives that can help us to gain insights into our emotion and into the circumstances we find ourselves in. Emotions is there to serve us; it teaches us important lessons about ourselves. So, we must be open to finding necessary solutions that will enhance the insights to overcome this emotion we are working through.

The fourth step is let’s be confident that we can handle our emotion. We determine some steps that will help us to handle our emotional experience. This time, we must gain some certainty and consciously choose an emotional response to a situation we are facing. Let’s recall the past where we handled our emotion successfully and turned it to our knowledge. This will help us to a better future where we are no longer ruled by our emotion but rather choose what to respond to our emotion in a helpful way.

Since, we have all the knowledge, support and information to respond to our emotion in a constructive way, it is the time to manage our emotion by strengthen our resilience during tough times; to have a breath control so that we can think clearly and effectively; communicate our needs and desires to others. No matter how things may appear to be, we are always in control of our emotion. That is why we can choose to feel differently and to take control of our emotional state.

Emotions are very powerful and we should be aware of that. Emotions can be our worst enemy, that is why we have to learn to discipline our emotions. It takes a lot of discipline and patience to master our emotions but we can get through it or otherwise our enemy will use it against us. Like Jonathan Martensson said, “Emotions are much like waves, we can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which one to surf.” 

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