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Definition of Forensic Psychiatry and the Qualities Needed for a Psychiatrist

The specialty in understanding the psychological and behavioral reasonings behind crimes and violent acts is intriguing and satisfying. When comparing the average person’s mind to that of a criminal, the biological and cognitive differences are dramatic and compelling to those who enjoy the mental processes...

Behavioral Assesment and Analysis in Forensic Psychology

Psychology is a very broad field to study as it covers a variety of topics and needs. Psychologists work daily in their careers to help benefit an individual or a group of people. Regardless of their career choice, they are helping people better themselves. Those...

Forensic Psychology Analysis After a Traumatic Experience

On January 4, seven-year-old Zainab disappeared from close to her auntie's home. After five days the child's inert body was found in a junk load. She was assaulted different circumstances and strangulated to death. An open firestorm ejected. Photographs and reports of the green-peered toward...

Forensic Psychology: Offender Profiling and Human Identification

The application of forensic psychology into investigation, prosecution and working with victims has undergone several theories. The psychology of detection has used many methods including Offender Profiling, Eyewitness Testimony and Interviewing. Offender profiling was initially introduced by Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) supplying a possible description...

Saliva As A Diagnostic Tool In Forensic Odontology

Over the last few years investigators and researchers have been repeatedly magnetized by the use of saliva in the forensics. Popularity saliva has gained amongst other body fluids owed to its multipurpose qualities that include easy and painless collection, hazard free handling, close relationship with...

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