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Pop Culture Analysis in the Movie Goodfellas

The critic article under consideration in this analysis is one published in the Joblo blog, in 2012, as part of the ‘Unpopular opinion’ series written by Alex Maidy. The critic strongly expresses his dislike for the film ‘Goodfellas’, directed by Martin Scorsese. The critic expresses...

The Impact of Ivan Pavlov’s Studies on Psychology

Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov initially studied a dog’s alimentary canal, only later to conduct quintessential scientific experiments reported as classical conditioning. Pavlov’s method of conditioning provides an exhibition of the correlation between conditional reflex and physiological operations. Subsequently, this journal provides an overview of what...

Understanding the Nature of Human Behavior in the Context of Everyday Life Using the Perspective of Social Exchange Theory and Cognitive Dissonance

This essay is written to understand the nature of human behavior in the context of everyday life using the perspective of Social Exchange Theory and Cognitive Dissonance. Firstly, it will be mentioning about the definition of both the theories. Then, founder of the theories and...

History and Application of the Behaviorism Theory

Introduction Behaviourism approach is to apprehend the way human and animal act. Behaviours that can be observed visually is called overt. Walking is considered overt. The behaviour that could not be seen is named covert. Any mental activity that could not be seen is considered...

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