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Social Class And The Hidden Curriculum Of Work

Hidden curriculum is a concept that lies underneath the surface of the official syllabus. It is described as hidden because it involves the perspectives, lessons, and values that students unintentionally learn (Lecture 23-1-2020). Suggested by Karl Marx, conflict theory states that society is constantly in...

My Personal Opinion on the Types of Conflict Resolution

Normally there are four types of conflict resolution strategies: Avoiding, Competing, Accommodating, and Collaborating. Avoiding is about a withdraw of a conflict. Competing is about a team being divided into two parties and instead of being collaborative they just fight and compete about who idea...

Kokata: Traditional Conflict Resolution Mechanism of the Kambata People of SNNPRS

Governments may find it usually difficult to find solution for a conflict of any type-be within a particular group, between groups or relating to between their own and outside groups, for example border conflict. This may be as they aspire to address conflict only using...

Analysis of the Salam Model of Conflict Resolution

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Man is essentially a social being who necessarily must interact and compete with other members of his social setting to achieve anything. The Holy Qur’an alludes to this innate quality of man when it states that “And everyone has a goal which dominates him; vie,...

Consensus: Origin, Types, And Phases

Origination of consensus The consensus assists the humans to deal in the exchange of bonds. They had an aspiration that human beings must work together to carry out explicit moves, however, on the contrary, consensus are administered in the courtroom. Inside the written consensus, the...

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