My Personal Opinion on the Types of Conflict Resolution

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Normally there are four types of conflict resolution strategies: Avoiding, Competing, Accommodating, and Collaborating.

Avoiding is about a withdraw of a conflict. Competing is about a team being divided into two parties and instead of being collaborative they just fight and compete about who idea is better. Accommodating is about two parties but one party accepts the idea of the other one without a fight. This is collaborative but not assertive. Collaborating is about the two parties sharing their ideas and everyone choosing what’s better. I think that the two best are accommodating and collaborating.

I chose accommodating not because it’s a great one but because the other two left are the worst. What I think is that sometimes you just adapt to what the other want just to avoid a confrontation and if the idea doesn’t suck you are okey with it but that isn’t the great because you are not entirely satisfied with the results.

The example I can think of is the example of last time about what you would think to take to space. We chose oxygen, water, map, radio and first aid kit, but when we had to get together with other people they wanted to change the first aid kit for food and we did told them that food isn’t as essential as first aid kit because they would probably find your before you died of starvation but if you got hurt and they find you in days you would most likely die from the injury and they told “why would you get hurt on space?” so we changed it to food, we chose to accommodate. What I thought after was that if that was a real scenario I wouldn’t accommodate because it’s a life/death thing but it was just an example so I gave up easily. That is why you shouldn’t accommodate but sometimes is better to avoid a conflict.

I chose collaborating because that is, in fact, the best one. Everything can be done collaborating and sharing your ideas. If you collaborate then everyone would be happy in all of the stages of the project you are creating: when you are giving idea, working on the project, presenting it, and executing it. Everyone would be satisfied because they took them into account for every single decision.

What I can think of is when I worked on TOLMUN. TOLMUN is a model of UN created by students. In Ten Campus Toluca we make one of the biggest of the nation. We have around 600-800 delegates. I was the subsecretary of Especialized Agencies and I had in charge five committees. Everyone would be really collaborative and that is why it worked so well. If everyone collaborates amazing things can happen. In conclusion, what you need to make your project work it’s an assertive communication where everyone’s needs and interests are being satisfied.

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