The Factors That Influence Child's Kindergarten Experience

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Majority of children in Estonia go to kindergarten. Kindergarten gives them a good opportunity to socialize, play, learn, make friends and life-long memories. As a teachers’ assistant the most important keywords that I value and work by are noticing, listening, caring, supporting, and guiding. People are different and so are their attitudes and perceptions. I have been an assistant for three years and during this time I have worked beside different teachers and followed their directions. I have analyzed activities, brought out pros and cons and thought what would I have done differently. I ask myself a question– if I was a child what kind of teacher I would like to meet in the morning and spend all my day with in the kindergarten. Children feedback is the best answer to this question. Every child is different and as a kindergarten teacher I try to be their friend, comforter, supporter and helper and most importantly a role model. In my opinion it is important that a child likes to come to the kindergarten in the morning and when going home, they feels that they has had a good and enjoyable day.

As a kindergarten teacher I definitely consider that it is necessary to cooperate with parents and to involve them in group events and outings. It is important to have the confidence to deal with different families and support their raising methods. It’s great to see them learning, growing and developing new things every day. I find it important that activities are meaningful, exciting and joyful and that the length of time is appropriate for their age. Whenever possible I would bring children outdoors into the nature because through real life experience children learn best where they are observers, researchers and discoverers. As a teacher I have to create a favorable and safe environment. It is viral that a child learns to discover the world through positive and playful activities.

I also think that team work plays a significant role in our daily job. I find it very important to have mutual understandings, to communicate and discuss, share different ideas, help and trust each other. Motivation goes a long way when you notice and praise each other. It is important that a team acts like a team because we all try to do our best for the common goal. I am motivated by various training sessions because it gives me the opportunity to use others advices in every day work. I also use books and the internet to plan my day at work.

Kindergarten is a place where a teacher should support and help children whenever it’s needed. A teacher should be aiming for the goal that children days are full of playful activities. I would like to be that a kind of teacher who children can trust, are not afraid to turn to with their worries and run to with their smiley faces to share happy moments.

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