The Transition From Childhood To Adulthood

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 As human beings, we start off as just a fetus in a mother's womb. However, as time passes, we evolve. Every human being goes through many different phases in life. We go from being babies and eventually we become adults. Each phase is unique and challenging in its own way. However, the biggest challenge is the transition from childhood to adulthood. As children, we can’t wait to become adults. As adults, we dread the present and wish to travel to the past. We wish to go back to a time when life was easy and simple. 

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Childhood is one of the most important stages you go through in life. It’s a point in time where a child's essence is so innocent and pure. It’s a time in life where your biggest problem was waking up in time to see your favorite tv show. Life is pretty simple and stress-free. You don’t have to worry about anything because your parents are handling everything for you. As an adult, you lose all that innocence because you have seen how cruel the world can be. Your responsibilities have increased and so have your stress levels. Now you worry about work and how you're going to pay the bills. You have to balance your personal life and your professional life. If one day you form a family, you have to make time for your family. You have to make time to take your kids to sports practices or to clubs after school. Being an adult means you have developed the skill of time management. Being an adult can seem like a scary thing, but it has its good side to it as well. Although an adult's life may be more stressful than a child's, compared to a child an adult has more freedom. Adults don’t have to report to anyone other than themselves. 

Becoming an adult means you make up the rules as you go through life. On the other hand, children are more restricted. Their every move is being watched by their parents. You are forced to do chores and have a bedtime. You get grounded for doing the wrong thing. As a child, decisions you have to ask for permission before doing anything. Being a child can be frustrating because you feel a sense of imprisonment. You don’t make any decision about your life. Your parents control and own you. It may seem that childhood and adulthood are complete opposites. However, in some aspects, they are the same. There are times in a person’s childhood when they must act like an adult. They have to make mature decisions and accept the consequences of those decisions. As an adult, there comes a point in time when we release the inner child we have as well. 

Adults also make foolish mistakes and act childlike. As a child, if you decide on things that you like and dislike. You develop phobias and habits. These may stay with you as you go on to become an adult. The transition from being innocent and making mistakes to learning from those mistakes and making new memories is an important one. Yes, there is a major difference between childhood and adulthood. You go from having no worries and depending on your parents to being stressed. You gain responsibility and you mature through the whole process of change. A process that everyone must go through. Although this process may be challenging and bring on lots of change, each phase is always precious.     

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