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Rape Myths Are Involved In Victim Blaming In Sexual Assault Cases

Blaming of the victim of sexual assault, for the facilitation of their own victimisation has been noted to be prevailing tradition (Ardovini-Brooker & Caringella-MacDonald, 2002). These stereotyped attitudes, otherwise known as ‘rape myths’ (Lonsway & Fitzgerald, 1994), typically centre around the idea that victims in...

Combating Rape Culture And Victim Blaming

Rape culture creates a society that disregards people’s rights and safety while victim-blaming attitudes marginalize the victims that make it harder for victims to come forward and report the abuse that they have experienced. We have to be a society that does not support rape...

The Ethics Of Rape Culture: Victim Blaming

It is no secret that rape culture is overwhelmingly prevailing in the modern era. Rape culture is a society or environment where there is a normalization of sexual assault and abuse. It is not just the fixate on high-profile rape cases, such as Harvey Weinstein’s...

Legitimate Victims: Victim Blaming In Male Rape Cases

This essay will argue that adult male rape victims are not recognised as ‘legitimate victims’, despite changing attitudes towards the issue in recent years. Victimological perspectives, especially the earliest ones developed by Hans Von Hentig and Benjamin Mendelsohn, play significant a role in causing victim...

Analysis On Victim Blaming In Domestic Violence Cases

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Why didn’t she leave? Why did she marry him? She must have instigated it. She chose to have his kids and stick around. All of these are the repeated questions and statements one hears when bringing up the topic of domestic violence. Instead, the question...

The Issue Of Sexual Harrasment And Victim Blaming In China

According to the ecological framework proposed by Bronfenbrenner (1979) and later developed by Belsky (1980), sexual misconduct occurs due to risk markers that lie at multiple levels of the victim’s environment, which they divide into several levels: the ontogenic, the microsystem, the exosystem, and the...

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