Confidence in Reason: Concept and Application in Life

April 20, 2023
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Confidence in Reason: Concept and Application in Life essay
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Introduction to Confidence in reason

Critical thinking is the art of thinking to make our thinking better and helps us in our daily life. It becomes a part of our routine and goes inside every detail of our social interactions. For example, personal problems, troubling emotions, bad habits, future plans, personal relationships, opportunities, health, and more and more things. In all of these critical thinking scopes, we think well and use our minds before taking any decision. In addition, to be a good thinker, you have to know the traits of the disciplined mind. One of these traits is the intellectual confidence in reason. The meaning of confidence in reason is to respect evidence and reasoning, and value them as tools for discovering the truth. You have to believe that with proper encouragement and cultivation, people can learn to think for themselves, form insightful viewpoints, draw reasonable conclusions, think clearly, accurately, relevant, and logically. As for the application of 'confidence in reason', the examples might be seen in everyday life.

The opposite of confidence in reason is intellectual distrust of reason, which means that thinkers feel threatened by good reasoning. They become afraid of knowing the reasons that will lead them to discover the truth. Any point of discussion has its own history and people’s thoughts about it in the past. Therefore “Confidence in Reason” had its history, and what philosopher’s sayings in the past. One of the famous and well-known philosophers is Aristotle. He is a towering figure and one of Plato’s student. Aristo was more empirically minded than Plato was. As the father of the field of logic, he was the first to develop a formalized system for reasoning. Reason is the source of the first principles of knowledge. However, while reason is in itself the source of general ideas, it is so only potentially. For, it arrives at them only by a process of development in which it gradually clothes sense in thought. Progressively, this will lead you to the conclusions. Hence, reason is the constant support of an intelligible world. While assigning reason to the soul of humans, Aristotle describes it as coming from without, and almost seems to identifying it with God as the eternal and omnipresent thinker.

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Confidence in Reason: examples in modern life

After talking about the past and the history of the “Confidence in Reason”, we move to the present and its current applications. How people nowadays see the concept of reasoning. In addition, their viewpoints about this concept that will make them reach to the truth they are trying to know. People always use reasons and evidences to analyze problems and objects that face them in life. They think and think deeply to get to the reasons that will make them finally come into the conclusion they have been looking for. Every human being in this world has his own problems and obstacles encounter in his own life. In every second in the day he faces problems from “what to wear today?” to “what faculty I’m going to register in?” or “whom I’m going to marry?” From the simplest things to the most complex things in life, we think and use reasons to figure out our problems and find out the solutions.

People apply and use the concept of “Confidence in Reasoning” in their personal problems. Going to a party and do not know what outfit to wear for this night. Finishing high school and do not know what faculty and university are you going to apply in. Two men proposed to marry you and do not know which one are you going to choose or reject both. Also in their troubling emotions, you are attached to someone and do not know the truth of your feelings. Do you really love him or you are only get used to him and to his presence in your life? Alternatively, to love someone and your heart wants him badly but your mind refuses to think of him. In this war, heart versus mind you have to think rationally and analyze things to produce reasons, which will help you know which one of them will win. People have to use reasons to stop doing their bad habits. Obstinacy in everything and on anything is one of the worst characteristics a person can have. By reasoning and thinking well in this bad habit, he will fix that bad characteristic in his personality. In addition, will result in not to insist on everything before thinking well.

Nevertheless, use this stubbornness positively to reach your dreams and goals. Every one apply the concept of “Confidence in Reason” in their plans of the future. Planning to open a startup company you put plan ‘A’, plan ‘B’, and plan ‘C’ to achieve this goal. You have to use your mind and think reasonably to choose which plan you are going to follow. Which plan has more benefits and less losses, taking into consideration the time and cost factors. Accurately looking for the pros and cons for each plan of the three. On this situation, you put reasons for choosing which strategy from ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’ you are going to follow. Therefore, this will end choosing the best plan from these three plans. Reasons and evidences play a huge role in opportunities. Choosing between two options, you received an e-mail insuring you with the acceptance in a scholarship you have applied for the university you have been always dreaming of abroad or to go work in a job in which also you have been applied for because of your badly need of money. Here, it comes to choose between two different choices. Will you choose the opportunity to attend in the university you have been always dream about and do not know if this chance will repeat again or to accept the job that will bring you the money you need badly? In this hard situation, you are going to put reasons for your choice moreover, you are going to think wisely more and more before taking any decision. While putting reasons and get to evidences, you will find that you cannot miss that rare opportunity that may not come again for you. About the problem of money, you can work in the country where your university is in. In this case, you did not miss the opportunity and you solved a problem. By thinking of reasons for the choice you took, it concluded choosing the opportunity to travel and study abroad. In addition to, having reasons for choosing healthy food and plain food over the junk food you love. You choose the best food to keep your body healthy and decrease diseases. The concept of “Confidence in Reason” also been used in a simple scope which is health.


“Confidence in Reason” has positive contributions that will affect your life. It helps you learn from an experience, prevent it from occurring again, result in a reasonable, effective solution, and helps us make better decisions in the future also will design your life. You will touch the progress, which you will achieve in every step in your life, and you will notice the difference before and after using this concept progressively in your daily life. In addition to, by coming to reasons we become able to balance our emotions, which in turn leads to good judgment and making informed, good decisions. As it has positive impacts, it also has possible negatives. When we do not reason, or think critically, we subject ourselves to fleeting, erratic or unpredictable emotions. Of course, this does not mean we should deny or suppress our emotions, for indeed, they are a vital and significant element of who we are. Instead, we must learn how to make them work for us, not against us. Without reasons you will not be able to discover the truth. Maybe it is hard to know it, to know something you act as if you do not see it. Truthfully, what you intend not to know is the fact you have to face. Like or dislike it that is the fact, which is probably the best thing even if you deny it. Many people ignore the reasons in order not to be able to see the truth they tend not to know. Absolutely, that will not solve the problem, but will produce more problems and push you away from the solution. At the end, you have to think critically, rationally, and in a reasonable way to find out the problem analyze and evaluate it ending up by finding its solution to improve your life.


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