Essay Samples on Higher Education

Comparison of the MPA and MBA Courses

The contents of both MPA and MBA is quite similar but also there are few subjects in MBA which are not related to accounting. The structure is well organized in both courses for instance some advanced subjects are only allowed to study after you pass…

Looking Back at My First Year of College

As a freshly graduated high school student, the word “anxious” could not begin to describe my feelings about starting college. Although I was an extremely successful high school student, I began to dread this date: August 19th, 2019. More specifically, this date would signify my…

Reflection on Academic Integrity and Freedom

Academic integrity is important for a university for a reasons. The first is the culture of University. In college circles, an individual’s only source of wealth or prestige is their ideas. Academic integrity ensures that when somebody has a respectable idea, they get credit for…

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