The Academic Fraud and Cheating Among Students

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Culture is a particular behaviour, understanding, morality and rules within a social group or a community that feel like things should be done in a certain way. The way of thinking and doing things can be different according to people of various social groups and communities. Every person behaves, understand and have morals as his community or social group in which he/she is being born and brought up. Cheating means getting some type of advantage by an unfair way Academic cheating is seen in almost every part of the world in different forms and ways. Cheating can be treated both legal and illegal according to different communities and societies. Some people think cheating is a culture while others disagree. I am partially agree with this because there are many stands which proves the statement and some proves it wrong. There can be many factors which affect student’s decision whether to cheat or not explained in the following paragraphs.

For some international students, 'plagiarism' is a foreign word by Kia Farhang St. Paul, Minn.October 8, 2014 3:50 p.m. as the article says international student enrollment is increasing dramatically in US colleges and universities. In some colleges it makes almost half of the school’s strength. But the word plagiarism is totally new for the students from India, China and Saudi arabia. Because in the countries like China and India taking resources from the internet or copying minor things from other people’s research is not a big deal while doing this is illegal according to US academic standards. Furthermore the international students face these problems often when they are new to the system. So the culture goes side by side in this article because the amro was born and brought up in a culture where taking other’s resources is not considered as cheating.

If you think cheating at universities is just an American problem, you're wrong by Diane Francis: Admissions fraud by foreign students, plagiarism and 'contract cheating' are problems in Canada. In this article there are some cases which prove domestic students also do cheating. A canadian business man was accused of bribing someone to help his sons to cheat in the exams. Several hollywood actors were accused in a cheating scandal for hiring some. As the reports of university of toronto documented 600 cases of students using unauthorised devices in exam to cheat. There are advertisements of websites doing paid assignments and papers of students. That website was offering cheating in return of money. So there is a proof that cheating is not only limited to particular culture it can be done by any person irrespective of their culture. Studies Find More Students Cheating, With High Achievers No Exception By RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑASEPT. 7, 2012S. In this article it is stated reasons why students cheat. Some students who are not good at studies or have some kind of educational problems like lack of understanding they cheat to get a passing grade but it is not only seen in the mediocre students, high achievers also cheat to be in the competition and win it by getting more and more grades. There are several rules set by universities and schools which makes cheating an easy task for students.

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