The Morals and Ethics of Cheating

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Cheating is wrong for many reasons, the big one is that when you cheat you don’t learn anything and then when you have to take a test or something you are basically screwed. When you cheat you might lose a friendship because you can just ask your friends, and they will probably end up telling you but if they don’t your more likely look at their paper no matter what. Plus is it really worth losing a friendship over one good grade out of a hundred. Another thing if you cheat on your friends paper it is basically like lying because probably like ninety percent of the time you are not going to tell your best friend. Cheating kills your trust because how can they know to trust you again and know your not going against them.

Here is another way cheating is wrong for you cause in the long run after you get out of high school and college you won’t know what to do because you cheated your whole life in high school. Just think of the next step in your life it is going to be harder to learn because you don’t know the last thing you ever learn. Cheating will stress you out because you will be afraid you are going to get caught most of the time. It does not end because when you get out of highschool and go to college you will cheat because you don’t know what else to do cause you done it all out through high school. Cheating is really unfair on you because when you get accomplishments you feel so proud of yourself but if you cheated you know deep down it wasnt really you that accomplished that paper. Then it makes you feel down when you know your cheating and it does not get you anywhere in life.

Cheating is a thought of mistrust because you are basically lying to your parents and teachers. When you get a hundred on a paper or a test your parents think you done so good and if it is a test they probably thought she study for once. Your teacher probably thinks she taught you right and you try really hard to pass that assignment. So when your cheating your really just letting your family or your teachers down. Cheating will make you not learn anything either because your just looking off of someone else’s paper. Just think if you cheat on every spelling test you won’t know how to spell and even if you do it well be like first grade words. If you cheat and say it was mistake it sure of heck is not on accident because you don’t have to look at someone else’s paper.

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There is a graph that says there is 95% of people in highschool that admit they cheat with any form of cheating. There is 64% that has done plagiarism and they say they have done it. There is 58% percent that tell they cheat on a test. Plus just think if that many tell out of highschool then there is probably a lot more that doesn’t tell. And just think there is probably a lot more kids that won’t tell that they have cheated.

There are studies that have been found out about schools that have been cheating one of them being are harvard. People are saying that cheating has gotten worse over the last few decades. When kids don’t want to do their work because you are tired or just don’t want to do it. But they just want to make a good grade without wasting any time. They just decide to cheat and they say there only gonna do it once but then they make it a habit. There are kids that cheat to have a safety net so they dont fail that class and have to retake it. With the internet it is easier to cheat so you can text or email your friends too ask or you can plagiarized. There are things that you can look up on the internet that can help people out too write their story. They say that if we didn’t have Internet like people use too not have then we would have like a 50% more chance of not cheating on anything. They are saying that if teachers aren’t lazy and make up their test there saying that it is going to be more challenging for students to cheat. Too be honest i think that teachers need too just make all their worksheets and test so that no one can google it online.

I personally think cheating is kind of wrong because if your helping them out one time then that’s fine. On the other hand tho if they just keep cheating off of your paper everyday it is not going to lead them any wear in life. So it is half of your fault that you are kind of helping them out in not doing good in the real life. When you finish your high school and college life, they are basically screwed in the real life.

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