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My Relationship with Reading and Writing: a Reflection

When I reflect on the phrase "my relationship with reading and writing," I am reminded of a journey that has shaped my identity, expanded my horizons, and offered a canvas for self-expression. Reading and writing are more than mere activities; they are portals to new...

Good Writers and The Essence of the English Language

With the increasing use of technology and social media, people’s priorities are changing drastically. It has been seen that people are spending more time online, playing games and chatting on social media apps rather than working on their reading and writing skills. The vocabulary and...

Literature Review on Children with Dysgraphia

Dysgraphia is one of the most learning disability faced by some of our students in schools and it is common in Fiji. According to Frye, he mentioned that dysgraphia is a learning disability that influence handwritings and fine engine abilities. Whereby students having difficulty on...

A Brief History of Handwriting

Before the world had letters the only way to communicate to one another was verbally by saying it. But as humans evolved so did handwriting. No one really knows what the first form of true handwriting and penmanship was. Some people say that it was...

Chinese Calligraphy Styles in Chinese Dynasties

The non-western society I chose to research about its art tradition is China because its art has one of the oldest traditions in the world and it comes in many forms. Chinese Calligraphy is one of the eight most elegant forms of art in China,...

Death By Prescription: Doctors' Handwriting Causes 7,000 Deaths A Year

The jokes about physicians and their sloppy handwriting are age-old and more or less contented among doctors themselves. But for some people it is not funny at all. A misread prescription can lead to mistreatment and cause death. In several countries the printed doctor prescription...

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