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Strategic Analysis Of Southwest Airlines

Executive Summary The paper discusses the strategic analysis of Southwest Airlines. The airline company is one of the dominant players in the American domestic industry. The discussion extends to macroeconomic analysis of the company using the Porters Five Forces, PESTEL and Value Chain Analysis. A...

The Analysis of the Business Strategy and Mission of Southwest Airlines

Warm Red suggests the passion of the company and their warrior spirit of delivering ex-cellent services to their customers (Southwest Airlines). Sunrise Yellow signifies the beginning of a new chapter in Southwest’s history. The Summit Silver shimmer adds modern-day energy to the lively design and...

The Experience of Dissatisfaction with Southwest Airlines

Summary Southwest Airlines was organized due to the “consumer dissatisfaction with the service of existing carriers” and the increasing need for an air service between the cities; Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and San-Antonio. Braniff International Airways and Texas International Airlines were initially considered the biggest competitors,...

The Similarities and Differences of Cultural Values in Southwest and Airtran

Founded in 1967, Dallas-based Southwest Airline has became the largest domestic American carrier in 2003 and has maintained the ranking ('Company Overview'). On 2011, Southwest merged with AirTran, which has increased the airlines presence in the major cities like New York via LaGuardia airport, and...

Commercial Viability in the Business Model of Southwest Airlines

Rollin King ran a small charter service that ferried hunters around Texas until one day he sat down with his attorney, Herb Kelleher and discussed a new business plan. This partnership plan would be an airline that would offer short hauls, frequent flights and low...

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