Nursing Statement: Why I Want to Be a Nurse Professional

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In my 500-word essay on why I want to be a nurse, I will shortly discuss my passion for helping others, my dedication to healthcare, and my long-term career aspirations in the field.

I want to be a nurse because I really want to take care of people, and to help them teach them to live healthier lives and make better life decisions. The nurse's role comes with significant responsibilities. I believe that once I complete my studies, my qualifications will eventually make me a more effective member of the nursing team.

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Reasons why I want to be a nurse are connected with my passion for nursing that has began in 2017 when my mother underwent extensive surgery and kept us in the hospital for a few months. I have seen the good work done by the team of nurses and their dedication to this position. Qualified, I felt I already had it, at the time I knew I wanted to be a nurse. In 2019, I got a job at a charity, which showed me the suffering of disadvantaged groups. I have decided that I want to directly influence and change the lives of those in need. In January 2020, I decided to start my nursing career at a hospital known as Nursing Assistant. While working in the hospital, I watched, listened, and participated in a series of patient needs assessments. This is an important understanding of the patient tolerance, communication skills and commitment to the quality of care required as a professional nurse.

The lessons I have asked for in my essay on why I want to be a nurse today will put me in a good position to transfer the basic values of nursing. I believe that the qualities that can help me to be a good student and a good nurse include patience and empathy, the ability to follow rules and procedures, the desire to keep progress while working, and the ability to keep pace with everything I do.

I am also able to communicate well with people and will dedicate myself to my studies. I can also plan my work accordingly to ensure I meet all the deadlines and delivery dates during this nursing period. I fully understand my responsibilities as a nurse. For this reason, I understand why it is important that you only accept students who are fully committed to studying these courses for nurses. So far, throughout my life, I have acted with integrity and honesty, I have always maintained the highest standards available, and at the same time, I have always been secretive. I have studied the role of nurses in detail, including basic values and 6 C, and I feel that I can adhere to the requirements of this role.

After learning more about the nursing syllabus, I understand that I need to not only spend a lot of time completing all the relevant modules but also pass them at a very high level. In the past, whenever I studied, I used the app to make sure I set the right time to research, write, and read the right aspects of the subjects I was studying. I also understand that in order to be a skilled and qualified nurse, I have to work hard from the beginning of this course.

To make a 'Why I want to be a nurse' essay conclusion, I am fully committed to putting in the necessary work and commitment to succeed. I feel that once I am qualified, the effort and commitment I will put into my studies and my role as a nurse will make me a better person. I understand the commitment of nurses, that is why I try always adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, competence, and commitment to the level of care. I hope that this Why I want to be a nurse' essay gave argumentative examples of my sincere desires to become a nurse and the reasons behind it. Nursing is a challenging and rewarding profession that requires hard work, empathy, and dedication. I believe that I possess these qualities, and I am committed to continuously improving my skills and knowledge to provide the best possible care to my patients. I am grateful for the opportunity to pursue this career and look forward to contributing to the healthcare field in meaningful ways.

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