Showcasing My Academic and Career Goals on Becoming a Developer

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The sorcerer of the modern world dips his hands into the matrix of functions and variables within a crazy idea, which is going to change the world out of recognition, forever from now on… but first, he has to prove his ability to withstand any competition and his audacity to follow dreams despite any obstacle. The product is a simple, functional app, but with a huge potential to become the next billion-dollar startup. This is Software Engineer, enough ambitious to be called Entrepreneur, a person who has an ability to change our lives radically, who possesses a good education and desire for resolution issues and the career I want to pursue as I continue on my education.

I am a student at a high school completing my secondary education and planning on transferring to a four-year college or university. My academic aspirations consist of acquiring a bachelor’s degree in software engineering at AUCA that would assist me in pursuing an engineering career as a program developer. On another hand, my vision for the future is to empower myself with a good education, then get out there and use that education to build a tech company which`s main mission would be to provide with only high-qualified software products and services to businesses of our and other Central Asian countries.

I chose AUCA as a destination for my undergraduate studies because it offers a unique ‘software engineering’ program in a specialized environment, in addition, the courses of the program closely coincide with that offered by leading universities in applied science programs like Harvard and MIT. The university enables me to receive two accredited diplomas that are critical for my employment flexibility, and also I am interested in exchange programs. I am devoted to working hard in the university to have a high GPA which would allow studying one semester of study at Bard College. I think it is a great chance for me to learn from inside the subject and build strong and reliable connections with programmers around the globe for my further career.

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I decided that I will attain a career as a program developer since my passion has always been programming and creating little games. Since a young age, I have always exhibited a curiosity toward computers. I remember I was eleven years old when I learned a language called “Basic”. But first, after long hours of learning, the first action I could figure out how to do on that was Sprite ( to make items to move across the screen). By that, I can say I was inspired to fell in love with computers and in the end to choose the pathway of wizards of the modern world. Furthermore, I believe that little achievement makes me particularly qualified for the foundation because since that day in my nature was created momentum to excel every day and focus sheerly on my goals then achieve them regardless of doubt and fear.

Furthermore, I want to contribute back to underserved organizations in the Kyrgyz Republic that struggle every day to find professional software developers, and who do not have as much opportunity to pay high reward as other privileged companies. The first project I want to accomplish throughout my career as a program developer is to build a tech company where affordable and qualified service regardless of the firm’s financial capability. The diverse software services would include prototyping, MVP development, business analysis, UX/UI design, mobile app development, web development. And also I intend to provide eases to young entrepreneurs in case they are a novice in industry and with low capital to pay for our services.

The second biggest career goal that I want to accomplish is to add my value to the development of the Central Asian countries through the launch of a farm management software startup that would help farmers in the region to improve their agricultural productivity. Agriculture businesses face a constantly growing number of challenges in today’s volatile and uncertain market. The agriculture industry is subject to constant change and unyielding pressure, whether that’s from fluctuations in demand or unexpected severe weather impacts. The startup is going to empower ordinary farmers to make data-driven decisions and take total control over how their businesses grow. Its iOS- and Android-compatible mobile app would provide agriculture workers with the ability to view reports, manage approvals, and receive real-time notifications on any mobile device from any location. 

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