My Motivation To Jion Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Fellows Program

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Dear Hiring Manager, With the utmost enthusiasm, I would like to express my interest to join the CRS’ Fellows program. My interest in logistics and supply chain management has taken me from volunteering at the Central Medical Stores where I managed inventory and was part of a team that distributed anti-malarial medications to government hospitals to volunteering for health missions where as part of a team, we ensured that less privileged communities in my state had access to medical services and health information. I believe that my passion for enhancing the quality of life of people, strong commitment to improving access to medications and health services, and interest in supply chain management make me an ideal candidate to join the CRS’ Fellows Program.

As a fellow, here’s what I could immediately bring to the table: An effective flexibility: In my role at Society for Family Health, I was able to complete the quarterly data analysis and beat the deadline despite the constantly changing data templates. I was also able to showcase my flexibility abilities as an intern pharmacist in Accident and Emergency unit of Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital by initiating an inter unit supply of medications when the victims of a major church massacre in my community were brought to the emergency unit. As the commodity stock levels were rapidly going down, I was able to mobilize my fellow interns and we pooled commodities from other units to the accident and emergency unit where they were urgently needed. A personal organization: I have always displayed an intense attention to detail which reflects my organization skills.

At Society for Family Health, I frequently tracked lots of sub projects, priotising and making sure the team meets its obligations. I also had the opportunity to manage inventory which further shows my dedication to supply chain management. A passionate team player: Everything I have engaged in so far has all been driven by my keen interest in health products and services supply chain. Even as an intern pharmacist, I made sure to participate in health missions to interior communities where we increase communities’ access to affordable healthcare. It is this passion that has driven every one of my career decisions thus far. I look forward to contributing my skills and experiences to learning more about supply chain and project management using real world problem solving and relatable examples of commonly made mistakes and how to avoid them in preparation for a rewarding management career and hope to have the opportunity to speak with you further about how I can be an asset for the program.

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