My Career Research: A Career as an Actor

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The career I chose for this career research paper is acting. Acting is the art or profession of performing in plays, or television production. The acting business is very competitive so you must work very hard if you want to be recognized.

The reason I am interested in the career of Acting is I have been wanting to do it since seventh grade. My family and I go to the movies a lot and when we were watching a movie once I had this weird feeling in my gut almost it was like excitement and nervousness at the same time and this happened more than once. I always thought I was just excited about the movie, but it turned out to be me having a very big passion for acting and learning about movies and TV shows. I always like to find out how directors made certain scenes. I loved watching behind-the-scenes videos as well. My family always wonders why I watch so many movies and TV shows and why I am very passionate about them. Well, it is because I like movies and TV shows but also because I love to see how everything is carefully placed and done in order to make everything right. It’s almost like a puzzle where everything must fit right so you can see the beautiful outcome. Even if I can’t make it to becoming an Actor, I won’t give up I will keep fighting and persevering and try something new I love everything in the film industry everything just seems to interest me. So, I know that if I can’t be an actor, I will try to be something else in the film industry.

My interests, personality, micro-skills, and values match my career by, helping me understand why I chose to be an actor and how it is a good job, and that I should fight for it. When we had to take the personality test and it showed that I had some of the personality and values that matched my career. It said that I was 61% extroverted which I am very much. I have always been a bubbly, energetic, outgoing kid. I always made friends no matter where I went. I could make a friend at a random park I went to. I also like to talk a lot. If someone asked me a question, I could probably talk about it for a while depending on what it was. My interests also relate to my career because I am a very artistic person. I have always loved to draw, write, or even act out how songs would go in my head. For example, if it were a sad song, I might think of a breakup or something very sad happening like a death and I would feel how the people I made up were feeling. I love making original characters my imagination can just run wild. I love making up the backstory and connecting everything together that is my favorite part.

The education you need to become an actor is none there is no official requirement of education for acting. But getting a college degree in theatre arts or acting can be helpful. You do not need any training to be an actor, but some would be very helpful. Once again there are no certification requirements for acting. Sadly, acting doesn’t have many requirements to become an actor but many things help like getting a college degree in acting or even having a trainer to help you with acting. There aren’t many colleges or high schools that offer acting as a major it is most colleges that do it not high schools. Some colleges that have acting as a major are NYU (New York University, Tisch School of the Arts) also Julliard which is also in New York. Another school is the Boston University School of Theatre.

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Some skills I have that align with acting are creativity, speaking skills, dedication, patience, persistence, and physical stamina, and I can communicate with a large group of people whether it be with them or just by myself like a presentation. Some skills I need to learn are memorization, literacy, and reading skills. I am not the fastest reader and if I go fast, I will normally mess up on words, or I won’t be able to pronounce something.

There is a very little growth rate in acting it is only 11.6 percent and that is between 2016 – 2026. Actors average $39.84 an hour and the higher actors with over $100 an hour and the lower actors get $9.39 per hour this was in 2016.

My chosen career will hopefully provide the lifestyle I want. I will have an aside job to help get extra money and if all I can do is small commercials then I will do small commercials, but I will not stop fighting until I have made a big role as an actor. Some job requirements and duties are they have to stick to the script and also memorize it plus they have to express ideas and express the characters they have been given whether it be on film or television even if you are a performer at Disney you must follow those duties. Moving is complicated yes, I might have to move in order to do my job but also movies or TV shows will go places where they will record certain scenes. For example, the cast of Spider-Man Far From Home went to Europe for the movie. There are many companies for actors, but they mostly work for private industries.

A few careers that are like acting are directors, producers, and announcers. These three jobs match perfectly with acting. Producers and directors are already in the same field as actors and announcers do follow a script as well and talk to big crowds just like an actor. If you want to be a director, you must be very creative and must communicate a lot. I have both of those skills, but I will need to work on leadership and time management I won’t normally take the leadership position, and management, or time management I am not the best at either. For producers, they must be good problem solvers and can multitask also they have to communicate a lot. Those are the skills I have two skills I need to learn for this career budgeting and organization/scheduling. I am not good with math so budgeting might be difficult, and I am ok at organization and scheduling I just never stay on top of it. Finally, the skills I would need to work on are reading comprehension and time management like I said I am not the best at time management I get all stressed and forget everything, and then I’m way behind. And reading comprehension is not one of my strong suits as well because I have to read and understand the paragraphs I would read to people and if it was about politics I would get bored and if it was about the environment the writers would probably use big words that I wouldn’t be able to pronounce.

This is my career research paper on acting. And all the reasons I would be best in the acting field or industry. 

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