My Dream Job Is To Be An Accountant

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Everyone in their life has thought of what they want to accomplish and achieve in the future; regarding career, education, etc. When choosing a career, people should consider the different interests that they have in their life. This helps them to find a job that they are really passionate about. My dream job is to be an accountant since this is the career that interests me. I chose this topic to present because I want to explain what accounting is, what is the role of an accountant, what is the importance of accounting and most importantly why accounting interests me. Since I had some knowledge about accounting and its basics from my high school, it didn’t take me that long to collect additional information for my presentation. The research that I did from the internet, actually really helped me to know more insights of accounting and its aspects. It helped me to discover the benefits and drawbacks of being an accountant and also helped me uncover the journey that will take for me to be a successful accountant. Furthermore, I got to know the qualities and skills that I will need to require for being an accountant such as time-management skills, technological skills, communication skills etc, and the ways how I can acquire these potentials. These potentials will not only help me be a successful accountant but also teach me how to balance both my work and personal life and keep my day productive. Additionally, I got to know the type of education or training that I will need for this job. It is a minimum of four years of a bachelor’s degree in accounting and then enrolment to the CPA Professional Education Program.

Accountants are people who prepare, analyze, and check the accuracy of financial information. They can work in environments like the government, non-profit organizations, and private businesses. All these companies depend on accountants to keep their business running well so the demand of accountants in almost any part of the world is quite high since they are the people wo gather data, prepare reports like balance sheets, income statements, etc and establish control over the finance part. Apart from this, the average salary for a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is $62,410 per year. However, being an accountant is not an easy job. Since they take care of the financial department in an organization or a company, a single mistake can cost the company .

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Along with the stress that comes along, the responsibility of managing the financial affairs is also there. Since I graduated from a Canadian curriculum based school, I had to prepare quite a lot of presentations for different courses during my high school, so preparing a presentation was not that difficult. I have tried to provide all the necessary information so that it is easy to comprehend. As I am in college now, I had to keep in my mind that my presentation is as simple as possible so that it looks professional and also interests the audience and my instructor. Yet, me being an introvert and a shy person to speak up in front people, it is always difficult for me to present. The best part of this whole project was how I gathered information and build up my knowledge about something that really interest me which indeed really helped me to put my presentation together nicely. The reason that accountancy interests me is that how the program that I have chosen to study will give me the opportunity to explore the world of finance, economics, and accountancy, which will enable me to achieve my career goals. The Business Undergraduate Program in SFU is designed with modern courses and offers a wide variety of options to be specialized in business knowledge I am excited to see how the study techniques and the practical work experience will put me on the path to my dream job. This program will also provide me with an academic background and insights into the field of finance that will help me to merge both my interests and the needs of my country.

In conclusion, this topic really helped me to get more information about accounting and showed how my future will look like. I got know many aspects of accounting which encouraged me to pursue the career I want. This type of projects will help me to improve my presentation skills and boost my confidence in public speaking and communication with people.

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