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The Factors Influencing the Decrease of Cash Flow

Income and cash are connected money related estimations in accounts however they are not straightforwardly connected. Net income is a proportion of and organization’s continuous manageability while the cash flow is a proportion of the organization’s capacity to pay its bills when turns out to...

The Multifunctionality of The Balanced Score Card Approach

Balanced scorecard encourages associations to streamline vision and procedure with business exercises and measures genuine authoritative execution against preset objectives. Moreover, this instrument is utilized to evaluate money related procedures, client relations, inward business procedures and learning and development characters of an association. The reason...

Overview of the Business Units of Sony Corporation

The Sony Corporation is a conglomerate founded in 1946 as the Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation in Japan. It has since evolved into Sony, a company that produces electronics and entertainment content. Sony’s four main operating segments include Electronics, Sony Financial Services, Sony Music Entertainment, and...

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