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Price Gouging In The Pharmaceutical Industry: A Set Of Reasons

Does anyone you know have severe allergies or diabetes? These two health conditions are managed completely using pharmaceutical drugs that are readily inaccessible due to the gouging prices. The cost of pharmaceutical drugs is an issue that every person faces on a day to day...

Usa'S Market Prices Of Wheat, Corn, Soybeans, Beef, And Hogs

Wheat, soybeans and corn in the United States market are used for the purposes of domestic consumption and like an end stock. The quantity consumed is given as function of price. These quantities are also shown as trends of other variables in the market. Soybeans...

Different Strategies of Pricing with Examples

Introduction The world of business fuels the economy of the United States. Looking at their bottom line, one would often find that even if they generated a large gross income, the net profit is not quite as favorable. The potential of businesses to maximize revenue...

Delta Air Lines Pricing Analysis and Recommendation Report

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Keywords: Delta Air Lines, Pricing analysis, Revenue management, Competitor analysis, Customer segmentation, Dynamic pricing, Market trends, Pricing recommendations Introduction of North American International Airlines Industry North American international airlines companies provide air transportation to passengers and cargo over regular routes and schedules, and mail transportation,...

An Incentive-Pricing Analysis Of Price-Cap Regulatory Regimes

Regulation is of paramount importance when there are natural monopolies in the society, since the existence of monopolies alone is costly to the society due to deadweight losses from mark-up pricing. Laffont (1994) describes regulation as two-fold using the incentive-pricing dichotomy and divided the regulation...

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