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The New Deal: A Weak Campaign That Benifited Many

“I remember she would say to me sometimes,’You go out and do it. I’m ashamed.’” -Clara Hancox Clara would have to beg for food scraps during the depression. The New Deal didn’t end the depression but it helped. The New Deal helped by finding jobs...

The Impact Of Edward Bernays On Advertising

We have come a long way from the advertising tactics of old. Where the first advertisements may have had more to do with the features of the product, nowadays we see companies utilizing soft cells, associating with lifestyle, desirability, and many other desires that don’t...

The Core Principles Related To Public Relations Research

Public Relations research is highly important for PR professionals, not because they will often conduct research, but because they will need to make reliable and informed decisions about hiring research firms and evaluating how their research benefits the bottom line. In PR the bottom line...

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