Future Of Women Leadership In Public Relation Department And Chauvinistic Society

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Women for a long time have been facing discrimination in their place of work. This is due to a perception that they are a weak and therefore they don’t have the capacity to deliver well in their place of work. The same perception, has it that men are a superior gender and strong hence the positions they are given in the society. This trend has also been seen working on both appointive and elective posts. When people are given a chance to elect a leader, in most cases men would win against women. This shows how the society has been ruled and governed through male chauvinism. All researches shows that even in the political environments of all the countries in the world, there are fewer female presidents than male. In many countries women have never been elected as leaders all together. However, what needs to be understood is that there is no difference between men and women in matters leadership. All that is required is for women to deliver is for them to be given equal opportunities and necessary skills required in a specific area of leadership.

Barriers Against Women Leadership; Male Chauvinism and Sexism

Many organizations are male dominated even on the PR sections. This is due to some perception that women are only fit for some positions and cannot therefor be trusted to handle bigger posts. Having in mind that men are better when placed in management positions hurts the promotion of women to the public relation office. Also having kids makes women discriminated during promotions. Men in leadership positions also prefer going for fellow men when choosing those to promote to handle public relation work. (Place & Vardeman-Winter, 2018)

Perception On Women Leadership Style

Women are judged harshly and are seen as irrational whenever they make some decision I n leadership unlike their male counterparts. Being assertive decision makers, and firm in many cases makes women viewed as gender that loves a confrontation type of leadership. In many cases this becomes a misconstrued concept viewing women leaders as dictatorial whenever they decide to stand on a decision. In contrast, men are viewed to be decision makers who are wise whenever they make such firm decisions. (Devnew & Storberg-Walker, 2018)


In the past, women have faced a lot of discrimination with an assertion that they belong to the kitchen and other weaker duties. This has changed so far as women are taking up challenges to become better versions of themselves. Women have invested in businesses, they have ventured into political posts and other elective positions. They have been able to show that whatever a man can do, women can also do it and sometimes even better. Despite various challenges they face in their places of work and journey of discovering their potential, women have been known to do things the same way men can. They have proved that leadership is not about gender but person’s commitment and ability to deliver. Empowerment of women, change of laws which previously discriminated women have seen women fight to fit into a space which has for a long time been dominated by men.

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